We’re Here to Help You Build Your Brands

At PLT Health Solutions, we believe in bringing solutions to your product development challenges and your efforts to build strong brands. We believe in it so much that the word is in our company name. The first thing we know about delivering solutions is that – as our customer – you and your company define what that word means. But by listening, and at times by succeeding, we feel that we have come to know the elements of what it takes to deliver a true solution.

Listening is always the first step

We work with some of the best companies in the world at developing consumer products and strong brands in the health & wellness market. It makes sense for us to listen well, to understand what they need to succeed and to find a way to support it. At PLT Health Solutions, we want to build relationships with our customers where we understand the goals of their product development process and the meaning of the word ‘success’ for them. We also want to understand what our customers need from a strategic supplier in every facet of that relationship. Listening makes our search more targeted. It makes our ideas and concepts more relevant. And it makes our execution more exacting.

Our focus is where your focus is: the consumer.

At PLT Health Solutions, we are always looking at consumer markets for growth, for trends and for opportunities. Our ingredient offerings are organized on platforms that our customers and research have shown are in the most demand.

You need innovative ingredients & concepts.

We want to help you search for the ‘new’. For over 60 years, our company has constantly been on the lookout in places all over the world for novel natural ingredient concepts that can be developed into proprietary branded ingredients for your products. Today, we have a global network of ingredient supply partners who help us understand the possibilities in the natural products world and the potential for a novel application or product idea.

You want solid science that you can use to make claims.

As the health & wellness market becomes more mainstream, solid science is more important than ever. We realize that if you are going to invest millions in product development efforts, the foundation has to be solid. At PLT Health Solutions, we employ top scientific personnel drawn from the consumer products industry to manage the science behind the ingredients we market. We also develop our own science – in the form of high quality clinical studies – to further increase the consumer perceived value behind our ingredient solutions.

You want the ingredients you build your brands on to evolve with the times and the market.

In the consumer market, very often the ‘next big thing’ is right upon us. Brands need proper care and feeding if they are going to have longevity. Part of our commitment to the branded ingredients we market is a program of continuing development – of science, of new marketing concepts and formulation possibilities

You want a buttoned-up solution where you don’t have to manage the minutiae.

Half solutions aren’t really solutions at all. When you’re sourcing ingredients for your brands, you will always have a set of criteria for selection and a set of expectations for supply. At PLT Health Solutions, we have a stage-gate product development process for the ingredients we market that might not be too different from yours. Our goal is to make sure that our ingredients are ready for ‘prime time’. That’s why we say we offer market-ready, science-based ingredient solutions. 

That means we understand the intellectual property, the science and the claim potential, the product or formulation development process, the regulatory issues and the scale-up to consistent, high-quality commercial supply.