We’re Here to Help You Achieve Commercial Success

Helping you achieve commercial success.For over 60 years, PLT Health Solutions has been engaged in the supply of high quality nature-based ingredients to the leading companies of the natural products and food & beverage industries. A major part of our success as a company has come as a result of working with some of the most innovative people in the industry – our strategic partners. Today, we work with a number of ingredients suppliers from all over the world, helping them develop their markets and achieve sales in a broad range of consumer products. As we have grown, our ability to support our strategic partners with product development, clinical science, regulatory activities, marketing & sales and supply chain issues has grown as well. While our expertise lies in marketing to the North American market, we are also supply ingredients around the world. Today, PLT Health Solutions is a sophisticated, global commercialization partner for innovative companies who are looking for support in penetrating new markets and finding new applications for their ingredients.

We’re passionate about natural ingredients

When you meet the people of PLT Health Solutions, you’ll realize that we are as passionate about the possibilities for natural ingredients in support of health & wellness as you are. Many of us have worked our entire careers in the health & wellness sector of the food & beverage and natural products industries. Like you, we consider it a rewarding life and we are always respectful of the responsibility we have to the environment, our sources of our supply, the people we work with and the consumers who place their trust in our ingredients. We feel this respect is vital to the ability of our industry to grow and thrive in the future.

Our investment in people and resources is a commitment to you

As we have grown as a company, PLT Health Solutions has continually developed the types of capabilities required to be a successful supplier in the natural products, food & beverage and cosmetics markets. As our customers have demanded more of their ingredient solutions and of us, we have made the investments in people and systems to meet their challenges. Today, we employ a highly trained market & sales team, back by personnel accomplished in intellectual property, clinical science, product and formulation development, regulatory issues and logistics. We employ a stage-gate product development process on all the ingredients we market, and have even been asked by our customers to help qualify new suppliers. When you work with PLT Health Solutions as a strategic partner, these resources become yours. Our goal is to help make your ingredients market-ready and successful with our customers.