Welcome from our Chairman


I am delighted to welcome you to the new PLT Health Solutions website. We would like the opportunity to convince you that we have both the resources and the commitment to be your strategic ingredients supplier or, on the other hand a valued partner in helping to commercialize your ingredients in the market. PLT has "re-invented" itself numerous times over its 55+ year history to serve the identified needs of the marketplace. We devote a lot of time "listening" to our existing and potential business constituents, and we have been willing to make major changes in emphasis and structure to expand our competence.

Over 30 years ago, I joined my father Marvin in what we both perceived as a wonderful challenge and adventure of leaping over the innumerable obstacles in bringing remotely sourced ingredients to our clients. In the beginning, it was enough to be able to vouch for the integrity of the remote international vendor and handle the significant logistical challenges to achieve the timely delivery of merchandise with the right quality and quantity. Today, our "value proposition" involves a lot more creativity, science, formal documentation, and customization. Nevertheless, the core company principles exemplified by my late father have never wavered: commitment to constantly improving our performance through diligent and honorable efforts; merging resourceful American private enterprise and work ethic with emphasis on intercultural knowledge and sensitivity and the formation of highly productive strategic partnerships.

PLT is honored to offer you the services of a highly experienced staff, many of whom have long tenures with our company. I believe this is a good measure of our company being a desirable and pleasant place work. With extensive international experience, fluency in 17 languages, strong training in valuable disciplines, and detailed product and industry knowledge, we have the competence. Every employee also directly benefits to the extent that PLT achieves its goals, and that plus their professionalism stokes their desire to do a great job.

Both before and during my career at PLT Health Solutions, I have been very much involved in and derived joy from leading international and domestic community development projects. I have taught experimental chemistry in Peru's "pueblos jovenes," set up physics labs and taught science in "bahasa" in rural Malaysia, consulted with AID and UN on agro-industry in Africa, set up self-sustaining water supply business in the Sudan bush, and founded a very successful competition awarding cash prizes to high school students (in New Jersey) who make impressive contributions to the improvement of race relations. I feel fortunate that PLT is in a business space where we can look forward to being activist participants in the progressive evolution of our planet.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from your association with PLT Health Solutions. Whether or not that is the case, I am readily accessible to you by phone, email, or trade show and look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,

Paul Flowerman