Copal resins are native to Indonesia and the Philippines. This alcohol soluble resin is used as a raw material for varnish because it has good storing quality, and produces a lustrous, elastic finish with good weather properties. These varnishes are used in the manufacture of wood, paper products, packaging coatings of all types, label and wallpaper finishes.

Other applications include linoleum, oil cloth, printing inks, adhesives, cements, and floor and shoe polish. Copal is used in the manufacture of dental products.

Scraped Copal Resin
PWS Copal Resin
DBB Copal Resin


Trade Name: Copal
Description: White/yellow to brown
Solubility: Alcohols and Ketone
Insolubility: Hydrocarbons and Esters


  Scraped PWS DBB
 Melting point 90°C – 125°C 90°C – 130°C 90°C – 140°C
 Acid value 110 - 145 110 - 140 110 - 140
 Ash @ 800°C .2 maximum .2 maximum .55 maximum
 Insoluble Impurities 5% maximum 6% maximum 13% maximum


Natural resins are subject to variations due to environmental conditions during harvest.
Therefore, the above parameters may vary.