RESINS DamarDamar is a natural resin used primarily in ink, paint, polish, varnish and finishing compositions. Damar provides a unique depth of gloss, superior color and gloss retention, adhesion and flexibility. Damar also provides resistance to fumes, scuffing and grease.

Damar is a general varnish resin for cold-cuts, blends and cooked oil vehicles. Due to its fume resistance and binding value, Damar is recommended for use in white enamel and pastels.


Trade Name: Gum Damar
Description: Recent origin; yellow to water white
Solubility: Aryl, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons and Terpenes
Insolubility: Alcohols and Esters


Property Ranges
 Melting point  65°C – 105°C
 Acid value  20 - 46
 Ash @ 800° C  0.3 maximum
 Insoluble Impurities  10% maximum


Natural resins are subject to variations due to environmental conditions during harvest.
Therefore, the above parameters may vary.