RESINS East India

RESINS East India East India resin is a dark colored resin of Indonesian origin related to the Damars. It is a functional ingredient in dark-colored varnishes, gloss paints, printing inks, and incense.

East India resins are the natural tree exudations, which flow through cracks in the bark and roots.

Black East India is dark upon application, but rapidly bleaches to a transparent film comparable in color to varnishes made from very light resins.


Trade Name: Black East India
Description: Fossilized resin, dark-colored
Solubility: Esters, petroleum hydro-carbons, coal tar solvents
Insolubility: Hydrocarbons and Esters


Property Ranges
 Melting point  160°-164°C, 320°-327°F
 Softening point  114°-125°C, 237°-257°F
 Specific gravity  1.04


Natural resins are subject to variations due to environmental conditions during harvest.
Therefore, the above parameters may vary.