Vibrant Harvest™




Whole food fruit & vegetable powders that put clean label nutrition and serving sizes into your formulations!

Everyone knows that the road to healthier living starts with fruits and vegetables. And yet only about 50% of us get the number of fruit and vegetable servings recommended by nutritionists and the USDA. With Vibrant Harvest Whole Food Powders, you can offer great nutrition and servings of fruits and vegetables in products your customers will love.

Vibrant Harvest powders are made from high quality, organically or conventionally grown fruits & vegetables. The patented Vibrant Harvest drying process delivers outstanding nutrient retention– and ‘vibrantly’ preserves the color, flavor and aroma of the original material. And these powders are easy to work into your formulations.

Vibrant Harvest Highlights

  • Excellent Nutrient Retention
  • Organic, Non-GMO
  • Vibrant Flavor & Color
  • Nutrient Density – in grams per serving
  • Easy to Formulate
  • Long Shelf-Life
  • Clean Labelling
  • Low-energy, sustainable process
  • USDA, cGMP, HACCP compliant
  • SQF Level 3 Certified



The patented drying process for Vibrant Harvest is the key to its special qualities. Radiant Zone Drying turns locally-grown fruits & vegetables into powders in minutes – by targeting the water molecules and not the nutrients. This results in the highest level of nutrient retention and at the same time, preserves the color and flavor of the original. The particle shape of Vibrant Harvest powders offers low dusting, excellent dispersibility and solubility. A very low moisture content means an extra-long shelf-life.




Today, PLT offers a select range of fruit and vegetable powders and juice powders – made in an SQF Level 3 certified facility. Based on your requirements, we can also develop just about any type of product you can imagine.   Vibrant Harvest powders are a highly efficient way of delivering servings of fruits and vegetables into consumer products. As an example, just a little more than 3 grams of Vibrant Harvest spinach, or as little as 5.5 grams of our strawberries can deliver a serving size via a finished food or beverage product. This low level of addition means that, if you want to, you can hide the spinach from a picky eater. But the great taste and color of Vibrant Harvest powders also means that you can feature these ingredients in creative, fun products that appeal to the consumers’ imagination.

A sustainable, clean label solution for great nutrition

Vibrant Harvest powders are designed to sustainably incorporate servings of high quality fruits & vegetables into consumer products. A variety of factors contribute to the overall sustainability of these  ingredients. The Radiant Zone Drying process used to remove liquid from fruits and vegetables is highly efficient – between 73 and 88% - rapidly creating a powder with moisture levels below 3%.  The  energy used to power the process is renewable – over 95% of the power used by the facility is provided by solar and hydroelectric. As a food source, high quality powders like Vibrant Harvest can reduce  packaging, handling, transportation, and storage inputs associated with raw or frozen foods. They can also extend shelf-life and preserve the nutrients present in fruits and vegetables – limiting food  spoilage and waste. All of these elements are set against a backdrop that posits the consumption of fruits and vegetables as less taxing on environmental resources – at the same time as it is healthier for  people.



Commercially available dehydration methods include spray, freeze, drum, air, and a novel method called Radiant Zone Drying (RZD), which is used to produce Vibrant Harvest powders. From a sustainability standpoint,a major differentiator is energy: consumption, efficiency and the sources of that energy.  A good way of understanding energy efficiency and consumption is to look at the time that it takes to dehydrate the materials in question. Typically, spray and drum drying processes (the most common) take 1 to 2.5 hours to produce finished materials. Freeze drying, often considered the gold standard in nutrient and flavor retention, can take 2 days or more. With Radiant Zone Drying, finished materials are produced in just 5 to 10 minutes time.

Maximizing agricultural production, quality nutrition for a wider range of people and delivering these with a minimum environmental impact were the main drivers behind the technology developed to create Vibrant Harvest Whole Food Powders. Resource conservation and sustainable production are two of the great stories behind Vibrant Harvest. But beyond these, Vibrant Harvest powders taste and look great and have outstanding nutrient retention from the original material. These ingredients allow food and beverage producers to create products that will delight the senses of consumers while giving them nutritional value that they can trust.