Food & Beverage Branded Ingredients

PLT Health Solutions offers a number of branded ingredients. We recognize that a brand is more than a commodity with a funny name and logo. These products are truly unique, with proprietary sources and manufacturing processes, novel compositions and substantiation via in vitro, in vivo and human studies. Further, PLT and our partners and customers support these brands to create industry and consumer awareness, building markets, substantiating claims and driving sales.

Where the world is going next for Vitamin D. A cost-effective, real vegan, whole food source that won’t affect your taste or texture.

eatFresh® Natural Antimicrobial is a synergistic complex of organic, FDA-approved GRAS components that promotes and extends product freshness.

eatFresh®-FC Natural Anti-Browning Solution extends the shelf life of fresh cuts and whole fruits.

An organic guar gum free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Results from chemistry, molecular, cellular and human research unequivocally demonstrate the unique antioxidant properties of FruitOx®.

A natural, solvent-free extract of olive fruits containing a high concentration of the olive polyphenol- hydroxytyrosol.

KanekaQH™ is reduced CoQ10, ready for immediate utilization by Baby-Boomers and individuals unable to efficiently reduce CoQ10 in the body.

Clinically proven to hydrate skin, fight against signs of aging, and leave skin soft and supple.

A Natural Beta Carotene that is available in a range of colors from light yellow to deep orange, its antioxidant qualities and vibrant color enhances both shelf life and visual appeal.

All natural grape seed compound supports normal blood pressure. Helps protect your heart.

Helps keep calcium in your bones and excess calcium out of your arteries.

High levels of antioxidants and natural compounds which reduce the cell damage typically created by free radicals during the natural biological process of oxidation.

Generates sustained energy and promotes wellness, including psychological, emotional, and physical conditioning.

Helps promote satiety and avoid snacking behaviors.

Tomat-O-Red® is ideal as a colorant because it offers an all natural alternative to coloring with carmine/cochineal.

A pure, rapidly hydrating guar gum powder. Produced under the strictest raw material selection and hygienic conditions, UltraGuar™ does things conventional guar gum powders cannot.

Whole Food Powder that delivers full sensory & nutritional experience of fruits & vegetables in an All-Natural, Stable, Easy-to-Process Form.

A unique, patented natural ingredient that is clinically proven to boost the immune system to keep the body healthy.

Zembrin® is a new, self-affirmed GRAS and patented botanical ingredient based on more than 300 years of documented indigenous use.