Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium and Vitamin D in bone health

Emerging science strongly supports the need for bone health nutrients beyond calcium and Vitamin D. New pre-clinical and clinical studies indicate that other

equally important nutrients contributing to bone health include essential fatty acids especially the docosahexanoic acid (DHA), carotenoids such as lycopene, and fat soluble Vitamin K2 particularly in combination with Vitamin D3.

Calcium and Vitamin D supplementation have historically been the “gold standard” combination for bone health in infants, children, women and men. This is also true for diverse racial or ethnic groups.

Based on the 2010 position statement of The North American Menopause Society, adequate calcium and Vitamin D intake, along with a balanced diet, adequate exercise, smoking cessation and avoidance of excessive alcohol intake are the most important measures to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

Additional nutrients may also be needed.