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ceratiq® Phytoceramides is Named Top Ingredient for Healthy Aging in 2018

ceratiq® Phytoceramides is Named Top Ingredient for Healthy Aging in 2018

MORRISTOWN, NJ – PLT Health Solutions and ceratiq Phytoceramides were honored by Nutraingredients-USA as the Ingredient of the Year in the Healthy Aging Category at its first-ever Nutraingredients Awards in Chicago, IL on July 17th. The Nutraingredients Awards aim to celebrate the best ingredients and innovations that the natural products/supplements industry has to offer in key consumer categories. This year, “Ingredients of the Year” were awarded in Sports Nutrition, Infant Nutrition, Healthy Aging and Weight Management. Over 100 entries were made to the judges of the program.  ceratiq® Phytoceramides is a clinically studied, breakthrough beauty-from-within ingredient. Studies on ceratiq support a range of benefits associated with youthful skin – including improved overall skin health, hydration, reduced appearance of wrinkles, increased elasticity, suppleness and a more radiant appearance.

According to Seth Flowerman, President of PLT Health Solutions, recognition by Nutraingredients for the work the company has done with ceratiq is important to the company. “One of the most gratifying aspects of being selected for this Award is the recognition it gives to the level of science that characterize PLT Health Solutions ingredients. We are constantly working with our partners to find opportunities to deliver strong, credible claims that address consumer needs and wants – and that help consumer product formulators build trust with their customers,” he said.  “Along with the people at Nutraingredients and the judges, we especially want to thank our long-timer partner, Robertet, for their ongoing commitment to clinical research. This award is a recognition of our shared long-term promise to continue to develop ceratiq as a leading ingredient in the beauty-from within space. ceratiq’s recognition as the Ingredient of the Year sends a clear message that investment in high-quality, best-in-class science behind truly innovative ingredients will be recognized and celebrated by the industry,” he added.

New study shows wrinkle reduction, better hydration & improved overall skin appearance

Potentially contributing to the Award was a 2017 double blind, placebo-controlled study the was designed to evaluate the efficacy of ceratiq on skin hydration and on overall wrinkle reduction. The subjects received either 350 mg of ceratiq oil or placebo for 12 weeks. In the ceratiq group, wrinkles were significantly and visibly reduced, from 8 weeks (p < 0.001), compared to the placebo. The wrinkle reduction was visible for 88% of women after 12 weeks. The results demonstrated that skin was better hydrated as early as just 4 weeks. Compared to the placebo, ceratiq was shown to offer 3 times the improvement in wrinkle visibility, 2.75 times the improvement in facial hydration and 5 times the improvement of radiance.

According to Dr. Barbara A. Davis, Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs for PLT Health Solutions, two primary factors make ceratiq an ‘ingredient of the moment’. “First is the growth of the beauty-from-within segment that has consumers increasingly turning to supplements as a method of enhancing appearance and slowing the effects of aging,” she said. “The second factor is the scientific support behind ceratiq. This ingredient has been the subject of five in vitro studies, two open-label proof of concept clinical trials as well as three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. This makes ceratiq one of the most clinically supported branded ingredients in the beauty-from-within category. These studies provide consumer products formulators with the ability to develop credible, specific, and compelling front of label messaging claims in the areas of wrinkle reduction, skin hydration and improved overall skin health and appearance,” she added.

For more information on ceratiq Phytoceramides, visit plthealthstage.wpengine.com

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