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EFSA Panel Approves Hydroxytyrosol for Heart-Health Claims

EFSA Panel Approves Hydroxytyrosol for Heart-Health Claims

The European Foods Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued a scientific opinion on health claims in relation to dietary consumption of hydroxytyrosol and related polyphenol compounds from olive fruit and oil and protection of blood lipids from oxidative damage which is known to adversely affect cardiovascular health (EFSA Journal 2011;9(4):2033).

Hydroxytyrosol is the active ingredient in Hytolive®, a proprietary extract of olive fruit; Hytolive® has the highest concentration of natural Hydroxytyrosol, the active and most abundant ortho-diphenol found in the olive fruit.

On the basis of the data presented, EFSA concluded that a cause-and-effect relationship has been established between the consumption of Hydroxytyrosol and related compounds from olives and olive oil and protection of blood lipids from oxidative damage.

In weighing the evidence, EFSA took into account that a well-designed-and-conducted study, and two smaller-scale studies showed a dose dependent and significant effect of olive oil Hydroxytyrosol and related compounds on lowering levels of oxidized low-density-lipoproteins (oxLDL) in blood when consumed for three weeks. These studies were supported by one short-term and one acute study showing resistance of LDL to oxidation upon consumption of Hydroxytyrosol and related compounds. EFSA determined that a minimum 5 mg of Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives in olive oil should be consumed daily to use a cardiovascular health claim.

The EFSA document further comments that the concentrations in some olive oils may be too low to allow the consumption of the 5 mg amount Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives with a regular and balanced diet.

Carlos Peña, CEO of Genosa ID, S.A., the Malaga, Spain patent-holder and manufacturer of Hytolive®, asserts, “The EFSA approval on polyphenols in olive has confirmed the results of many years of research on olive science and specifically on olive polyphenols and heart health.”

Peña adds, “Genosa has been investing numerous resources for years to develop a new technology to bring Hytolive® to market, a 100% natural hydroxytyrosol, purified, safe, sustainable, clean and patented product, without the use of solvents. The EFSA statement gives Hytolive® a great opportunity globally since virgin olive oil is not regularly consumed in many parts of the world and arteriosclerosis is a common incidence”.

“The heart health-support market continues to be refined — and redefined,” says Paul Flowerman, President, P.L. Thomas.  “Hytolive® represents the latest sophisticated hybrid of research and technology to provide a solution to a targeted mechanism that contributes significantly to cardiovascular health.  PLT is proud to be the exclusive marketer of Hytolive in the NAFTA region.”

About Genosa
Genosa is a scientific and biotechnology research and development company established in Andalusia (Malaga-Spain), a business and research area where leading scientific local and international companies are located.

Genosa specializes in the identification, characterization, production, application and commercialization of compounds and active principles beneficial to health coming from olive fruit, especially natural hydroxytyrosol. www.genosa.com


About PLT
PLT, a longtime participant in the food and dietary supplement industries, has recently begun extending its traditional North American sales focus to fulfill its mission to provide global exposure for a growing number of the ingredients for which it takes sales and marketing responsibility. www.plthomas.com

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