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New Human Clinical Study Supports Use of GliSODin in Sports

July 12, 2011
New Human Clinical Study Supports Use of GliSODin in Sports

Morristown, NJ – July 12, 2011 – PL Thomas (PLT) today, in association with Isocell S.A., Paris, France, announced the publication of the results of a new human clinical study using their exclusive dietary supplement ingredient, GliSODin® in The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.  GliSODin® supplementation demonstrated positive effects on selected inflammatory markers in a 2,000 meter rowing ergometer test.

The double-blinded study included 19 members of the Polish National Rowing Team who were participating in a training camp. Subjects were randomly assigned to the supplemented group ( n = 10), who received 2 capsules (total 500 mg) of GliSODin® extract once daily for 6 weeks, or the placebo group ( n = 9). At the beginning and end of the study, subjects performed a 2,000-meter maximum effort test on a rowing ergometer. Blood samples were taken before each test, 1 minute after completing the test, and after a 24-hr rest period. After supplementation, SOD activity was significantly higher (p = .0037) in the supplemented group at all measurement times, and post-exercise C-reactive protein was significantly lower (p = .00001) in athletes receiving GliSODin® than those in the placebo group. In conclusion, supplementation with an extract rich in SOD activity promoted antioxidant status and protected against increased inflammation in the serum of professional rowers.

Francois Vix, President of Isocell, the owner of the GliSODin® product, noted: “The present trial confirms the findings of previous studies demonstrating the benefits of GliSODin® for lessening inflammation resulting from strenuous exercise. The C-reactive protein level differences between GliSODin® protected subjects and the placebo group were quite remarkable, with CRP being an important measure of muscle inflammation.  The higher levels of SOD, after strenuous exercise in the dosed group, is a positive measure of broad human health.”

Paul Flowerman, President of PLT, exclusive North American distributor for GliSODin®, stated,” The present study adds to an already considerable body of human trials demonstrating that GliSODin® has an important place in sports nutrition and immune health.  We compliment Isocell for their ongoing multi-year research commitment to precisely understanding the merits of this unique, patented ingredient.”

About GliSODin® & Isocell
GliSODin® is patented and trademarked by Isocell, Paris, France, one of the top laboratories in aging research particularly in the domain of oxidative stress. It is available in North America as a nutritional raw material exclusively from PL Thomas, Morristown, NJ.  Numerous in vivo and human studies support the use of GliSODin in nutritional applications.  www.glisodin.org.

About PLT
PLT, a longtime participant in the food and dietary supplement industries, has recently begun extending its traditional North American sales focus to fulfill its mission to provide global exposure for a growing number of the ingredients for which it takes sales and marketing responsibility.

P.L. Thomas: 973-984-0900 plt@plthomas.com
International Contact: Francois Vix [33] 153 98 8500 info@isocell.fr

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