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New Zynamite® Study Adds to Growing Scientific Portfolio for Award-Winning Ingredient Platform

August 18, 2020
New Zynamite® Study Adds to Growing Scientific Portfolio for Award-Winning Ingredient Platform

MORRISTOWN, NJ 18 August 2020 – PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced today that a new study has been published that builds upon previous research showing ‘experiential’ benefits from the Zynamite ingredient platform. The new clinical trial, led by Professor David Kennedy, Director of the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre at Northumbria University and published in Nutrients, suggests a rapid and sustained boost for a wide range of cognitive functions after a single use of the ingredient. Zynamite is a patent-pending, proprietary Mangifera indica extract, standardized to ≥ 60% mangiferin, developed from sustainably harvested mango leaves. A self-affirmed GRAS ingredient, it has a portfolio of safety data and has been the subject of three pre-clinical and now seven clinical studies that demonstrate performance enhancement in both cognitive and physical performance. The ingredient is manufactured by Nektium Pharma, S.L. and marketed exclusively by PLT in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

According to Jeremy Appleton, ND, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs, the new study is indicative of a robust and continuing program of scientific study by Nektium supporting Zynamite and underscores its potential as a leading ingredient for cognitive and physical performance. “One of the hallmarks of a great ingredient franchise is that a company continues to develop science to help consumer products companies understand the potential uses and benefits it can provide – as well as to help amass data that can support compelling messaging and build trust with consumers.” In addition to studying the standalone ingredient, novel combinations have also been clinically explored. For example, earlier this year PLT launched Zynamite PX in North America, itself the subject of two published clinical trials, targeted at the Sports Nutrition Market.

Zynamite PX: More Power. One Dose. One Hour.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study, published in 2019, was conducted to determine whether a single dose of Zynamite PX administered one hour before exercise would increase cycle-sprint performance. Subjects performed three Wingate sprint tests interspaced by 4 minutes and a final 15-second sprint after induced ischemia (blood flow restriction, which simulates exhaustion). Peak power was improved by 3.8% in one hour compared to placebo in subjects who took just one dose of Zynamite PX. Of note, the amount of quercetin in Zynamite PX (140 mg) is significantly lower than amounts of quercetin shown to produce ergogenic effects in previous studies, suggesting that this combination may have synergistic effects.

According to Appleton, the extremely rapid increases in performance and recovery after limited use of Zynamite PX are eye-opening. “An increase in peak power of 3.8% might not seem impressive at first, but it’s important to remember that we’re comparing it to other studies where power results were achieved after much longer periods of supplementation. And these endpoints were achieved after training, whereas the Zynamite PX had an immediate, demonstrable effect. This offers a new type of benefit package to sports nutrition formulators we have not seen before,” he said. “We’re really beginning to understand the potential for this ingredient platform and look forward to putting it to work in consumer products in the future,” he added.

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