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P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc. Is Now PLT Health Solutions, Inc.

P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc. Is Now PLT Health Solutions, Inc.

New Corporate Identity Reflects Evolution of Firm as a Multi-Faceted Supplier of Market-Ready, Science-Based Ingredient Solutions to Dietary Supplement, Food, Beverage, and Natural Products Industries


MORRISTOWN, NJ – P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc. announced today that the company has been renamed PLT Health Solutions, Inc., effective immediately. The 60-plus year old company has been a fixture in the Natural Products and Food & Beverage industries – first as a representative firm and then a distributor. The new corporate identity reflects its evolution and current status as a supplier of ingredient solutions to consumer products companies and as a strategic development partner to ingredient suppliers around the world. Over the past decade, the company has become a leading supplier of globally-sourced, proprietary, branded ingredients marketed to consumer products companies with clinical, regulatory, intellectual property, and formulation support. Accompanying this evolution has been the addition of scientific, regulatory, marketing, and technical personnel. The company will unveil its new corporate identity at the 2013 Supply Side West Exhibition in Las Vegas, November 13-16.

Paul Flowerman, President of PLT Health Solutions notes that “Consumer products companies in the health and wellness space demand more from their suppliers. These companies expect their development partners to present ideas and ingredients with market-ready commercial potential backed by solid science – and we have strengthened our resources to meet those expectations. We provide many of the functions in the ingredient discovery/development/supply chain process that multinational manufacturers do – including consumer and clinical research, intellectual property development, management of regulatory issues, formulation assistance – and of course supply and logistics.  Our focus is on being a strategic supplier and on helping our customers build and maintain strong brands. Given our business model, our company also has the ability to be extremely nimble and market-focused,” he said.

A growing portfolio of proprietary, branded ingredients

The focus of PLT Health Solutions is on delivering ingredient solutions across a number of health & wellness platforms that correspond to existing and emerging consumer demand. PLT Health Solutions markets over 20 proprietary branded ingredients that are either market or scientific leaders in their categories. For inspiration and innovation, the company has built a global network of strategic supply partners. PLT Health Solutions functions as a commercialization partner for these companies, leveraging its experience, expertise and resources to position ingredients for faster and smoother adoption by its clients.

According to Devin Stagg, Director of Corporate Strategy, an important factor behind the company’s evolution to PLT Health Solutions is its decision to focus on ingredients supported by strong science. “Our customers have told us that they need solid science to help them get consumers’ attention and build the trust that creates strong brands. We realize that if they are going to invest millions in product and brand development, the foundation has to be solid and we want to be the company that can supply them those foundational ingredients,” he said. “At PLT Health Solutions, we have our own R&D program in which we employ scientific personnel drawn from the consumer products industry to vet and guide the development of scientific support behind the ingredients we market. We do this by designing high quality clinical studies to further increase the consumer perceived value behind our ingredient solutions. As a result, we find that our customers often choose us because of our commitment to strong science,” he added. Examples of this commitment include a recent fMRI study conducted on its Zembrin ingredient that focused on the attenuation of threat response as evidence for the underlying stress-reducing properties of the ingredient and a newly introduced ingredient –  Synapsa Natural Memory Support – that is backed by six double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies.

According to Paul Flowerman, “The values that have always defined our company remain constant. Our experienced, professional team maintains their commitment to diligent, honorable, and creative support of our clients and our industry. We will continue leveraging our highly productive strategic partnerships to deliver world-class solutions.”

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About PLT Health Solutions

Headquartered in Morristown, NJ, USA, PLT Health Solutions is a trusted discoverer, developer, and marketer of high-quality, scientifically-supported ingredients that enhance health and functionality. As a leading ingredients innovator, PLT’s global network of strategic partnerships provides unique access to impactful solutions. By delivering an unsurpassed mix of expertise, resources, and service, PLT is committed to helping both its strategic partners and valued customers grow.

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