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PLT Health Solutions to Introduce élantria Algal DHA at IFT17

June 23, 2017
PLT Health Solutions to Introduce élantria Algal DHA at IFT17

MORRISTOWN, NJ – PLT Health Solutions, Inc. is launching a new ultra-stable algal DHA ingredient at IFT in late June. Called élantria™ Algal DHA, the new ingredient is produced from non-GMO microalgae Schizochytrium sp – one of the most concentrated non-animal sources of the compound. It is refined, deodorized and stabilized at state-of-the-art facilities by Polaris Nutritional Lipids under strictest quality control procedures. This includes a clean, enzymatic extraction process that is solvent-free and the proprietary QualitySilver® stabilization process that sets new standards for stability and shelf life. élantria Algal DHA delivers 40% DHA by weight in an ultra-stable, non-concentrated form. The new ingredient has excellent taste, odor and color profiles. It is truly non-GMO – utilizing non-GMO algae fed by non-GMO feedstocks. It is also 100% non-animal and suitable for vegans.

According to Sid Hulse, Vice President of New Product Development at PLT Health Solutions, élantria Algal DHA has been developed to offer the most consumer-pleasing, formulator-friendly DHA solution on the market. “Consumers of Omega-3 ingredients are more savvy than ever and want it all. They want great organoleptics and nutrition. But they also want ‘life choice’ features, like purity, traceability, sustainability, non-animal and non-GMO. élantria Algal DHA delivers on all of these promises and more,” he said. “From a product developer’s standpoint, one of the features of élantria Algal DHA that stands out is its stability and shelf-life. Our studies have shown that élantria Algal DHA has nearly four times the stability of conventionally-protected ingredients and a shelf life of over 2 years,” he added.

QualitySilver® = Patented Stabilization with Extended Shelf Life
Algal oils rich in DHA are known to be very sensitive to oxidation – which can detract from both nutritional and organoleptic properties of a finished product. élantria Algal DHA is stabilized using the Quality Silver process – which both inhibits the onset of oxidation and prevents the oxidative cascade.

According to Sid Hulse, each facet of the sourcing and production of élantria Algal DHA has been optimized to create a premium quality product. “Polaris Nutritional Lipids has invested substantial resources and more than 20 years into the production of some of the world’s finest Omega-3 ingredients – in every situation taking the ‘best quality’ approach to how they make their product,” he said. “For any company serious about building a strong brand and reputation for quality in the DHA/Omega-3 space, you’ll want to take a look at how special this ingredient is,” he added.

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