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PLT Launches New Ingredient Improving Muscle Health, Strength, Endurance and Physical Function and Announces New Clinical Trial

February 12, 2024
PLT Launches New Ingredient Improving Muscle Health, Strength, Endurance and Physical Function and Announces New Clinical Trial

Morristown, NJ  12 February 2024 – PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced it is launching a new brand designed to enhance muscle health and physical function. Called Strengthera™ Muscle Maintenance+Vitality, the ingredient is supported by multiple clinical studies including a newly completed study showing statistically significant improvements in muscle strength, muscle endurance and physical function in an over-55 demographic. The low-dose ingredient works quickly, with study subjects showing improvements in lower body and grip strength, and muscle endurance with significant results beginning at four weeks. The proposed mechanism of action is the enhancement of mitochondrial efficiency, making exercise more efficient and productive. Strengthera is a new addition to PLT Mobility Solutions, a platform that offers benefits in joint health, muscle health, cartilage health and bone health

According to Seth Flowerman, President & CEO of PLT Health Solutions, the clinical results supporting Strengthera demonstrate support in broad range of consumers with the latest study confirming efficacy in an over-55 demographic. “Muscle health is important to aging well as it becomes more challenging to build and maintain muscle mass as we age. Strengthera is an exciting breakthrough as it supports strength, endurance, stability and mobility, enhancing independence, vitality and overall quality of life,” he said. “Strengthera is the latest addition to our industry-leading Mobility Solutions platform as well as an essential healthy aging ingredient,” he added.

Study Focuses on Seniors and Includes Women

The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study featured 92 healthy women and men ages 55-70 for a period of 12 weeks. The Strengthera cohort took 650 mg of the ingredient once per day in conjunction with an at home exercise program designed for older subjects. Testing was conducted at baseline, 4, 8 and 12 weeks. Key outcome measures included muscle strength (1RM leg extension, grip strength), muscle endurance (80% 1RM leg extension to failure), functional mobility (six-minute walk, 30-second sit-stand), lean mass (DXA), muscle quality (leg strength/leg muscle mass). It also featured analysis of biomarkers and questionnaires.

Statistically significant results started at four weeks into the study. At 12 weeks, the Strengthera cohort showed a 4.2x improvement in lower body streng th, a 4.5x improvement in grip strength, and a 1.5x improvement in muscle endurance over what was seen with placebo plus exercise program, respectively. In the walking test, Strengthera subjects showed a 1.9x greater improvement in walking capacity based on distance and speed over placebo. In lean muscle mass, the Strengthera group increased their total lean mass relative to baseline. Improvements were also seen in energy and vitality, as assessed by the SF-36 questionnaire.

According to Jennifer Murphy, Director of Innovation & Clinical Development for PLT, the data supporting Strengthera is important for anyone who wants to remain active and vital as they age. “Muscle health and mobility are important for quality of life at every age, but they are especially critical as we get older. The ability to maintain strength is essential for remaining active and independent, which are key factors in good health.  Grip strength, in particular, is not only considered an accurate indicator of vitality and overall muscle strength, but also a biomarker of longevity and a strong predictor of future health,” she said. “Another important differentiator of this new study is that it included women. Too often muscle ingredients focus studies on men only, but of course, we know that due to physiological differences, benefits should be illustrated in both populations,” she added.

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