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PLT Launches RipFACTOR® Muscle Accelerator for Active/Sports Nutrition Products

September 9, 2020
Ingredient with Two Gold Standard Clinical Studies Shown to Increase Strength, Endurance, Muscle Growth and Free Testosterone with Key Results Within 14 Days

MORRISTOWN, NJ 9 September 2020 – PLT Health Solutions, Inc., in partnership with Laila Nutraceuticals, announced today that it is launching a groundbreaking botanically-based ingredient that provides a range of clinically-supported benefits for athletes and the active/sports nutrition consumer. Called RipFACTOR® Muscle Accelerator, the ingredient is composed of two standardized botanical extracts synergistically standardized in a multi-patented formulation. PLT and Laila conducted two clinical trials demonstrating the efficacy at two use levels – ‘performance’ and ‘ultra-performance’ –  both of which show results that are likely to get the attention of the sports/active nutrition community. With the ultra-performance formulation, subjects consuming RipFACTOR showed as much as a 4x increase in muscle size, a 2x improvement in muscle endurance and a 5x improvement in body strength relative to participants taking a placebo. Statistically significant improvements in lean body mass, percent body fat and total body fat were also observed. RipFACTOR is available in both a standard and a neutral tasting water-dispersible form, allowing formulators a broad range of applications from powders to functional foods, shakes, gummies, stick packs and more.

According to Seth Flowerman, President and CEO of PLT Health Solutions, RipFACTOR was brought to market as a best-in-class sports nutrition ingredient with the safety, regulatory, and clinical substantiation required to power leading global sports nutrition brands. “After a 7-year, multi-million-dollar development process involving in-depth screening of hundreds of botanicals, we are proud to deliver a breakthrough ingredient that can significantly and rapidly increase both upper and lower body strength and endurance as well as significantly increase muscle size – all in a low-dosage format. Offering two dosage levels enables formulators to develop targeted SKUs for both emerging and performance athletes,” he said. “RipFACTOR is already being developed as a hero ingredient in a range of leading brands in the active/sports nutrition market. Because it enhances strength and endurance in workouts – and builds muscle mass – it is a natural fit in the bodybuilding segment for pre-workout, muscle building, and testosterone boosters, in addition to general performance applications for competitive sports, endurance sports and fitness training,” he added.

Two Clinical Studies Demonstrate ‘Breakthrough’ Performance

The first study of RipFACTOR was designed to support messaging to the sports nutrition consumer. This 8-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study featured young adult males who were familiar with weight training and had at least 6 months of experience with resistance exercise.

Improvements in strength, endurance and muscle size were seen throughout the study period. A statistically significant increases in both upper and lower body muscle strength were seen as early as 14 days compared to placebo.

To further evaluate the efficacy of this ingredient, a second study was conducted in 2019.  This study focused on resistance training of ‘naive’ subjects and examined two different dose levels, a ‘performance’ and ‘ultra-performance’ dose. An innovative ‘efficiency model’ design was employed by including a second placebo group that followed a double exercise regimen.

Results of this study confirmed and expanded on the first.  Impressively, subjects taking RipFACTOR demonstrated gains exceeding the placebo group doing twice the exercise. Subjects taking the ‘performance’ dose also demonstrated similar strength and endurance benefits to subjects doing twice the amount of exercise.  At the ‘ultra-performance’ dose, the strength and endurance gains were statistically significantly better than subjects completing twice the exercise volume. Improvements in testosterone and cortisol levels for the RipFACTOR group compared to the placebo groups provided a testosterone to cortisol (T:C) ratio that favors anabolism and could be partially responsible for the muscle growth and strength benefits.  Manuscripts for both studies will be submitted for publication in 2020.

According to Barbara Davis, Head of Clinical & Regulatory Sciences for PLT, RipFACTOR meets growing consumer demand for ingredients that support dramatic and experiential improvements in strength, endurance and muscle growth. “There really isn’t anything else on the market today that drives significant gains in strength as early as two weeks, particularly with a dose less than one gram. RipFACTOR supports improved physical performance and faster results for a broad range of consumers. For formulators, the clinical work provides a broad range of tools to communicate the range of benefits to consumers – with messaging on physiological and performance improvements every step of the way,” she said.


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