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PLT Launches Zynamite® PX for Sports Nutrition

March 3, 2020
New Formulation of Award-Winning Ingredient has been Clinically Shown to Improve Peak Power from a Single Dose at One Hour After Use

MORRISTOWN, NJ – PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced today that it is launching a new formulation of the award-winning ingredient Zynamite® that has been developed to improve sports performance – in as little as one hour from a single dose. Called Zynamite PX, the new ingredient is a patent-pending synergistic combination of a Mangifera indica extract and Sophora japonica extract (standardized to 50% quercetin) that offers a unique set of benefits in active/sports nutrition products. The subject of multiple clinical trials, Zynamite PX has been shown to improve peak power output, while reducing lactate build-up and speeding recovery from long, intense workouts – places where athletes need help the most. Zynamite was introduced in 2018 and was the winner of multiple sports Ingredient of the Year Awards in Europe and Asia

According to Devin Stagg, Chief Operating Officer at PLT Health Solutions, Zynamite PX represents a continuing search for impactful active/sports nutrition ingredients. “In 2020, PLT will introduce multiple, exciting, science-backed ingredients to the active/sports market. We want these ingredients to ‘move the needle’ in terms of the type of performance and health benefits consumers can expect. Zynamite PX is one of these with a unique value proposition – it can improve peak power after a single dose in as little as one hour,’ he said. “Fast-acting and experiential, Zynamite PX is an ideal ingredient for pre-workout formulations – and can also be effective in post-workout recovery-type products. Studies on Zynamite PX also support its use in extreme and endurance sports performance formulations,” he said.

Clinical Studies Back Performance Improvement
In 2018, a double-blind cross-over clinical study was conducted to determine whether a single 420 mg dose of Zynamite PX administered one hour before exercise would increase repeated-sprint performance. Subjects performed three Wingate tests interspaced by 4 minutes and a final 15 second sprint after ischemia. Peak power was improved by 3.8% in one hour versus placebo in subjects using just one dose of Zynamite PX. One interesting result was that the quercetin dose was about seven times lower than that associated with quercetin ergogenic effects in previous studies, suggesting that this combination may have synergistic effects.

In a second study that looked at athletic recovery, 48 subjects participated in a 10K race followed by 100 drop jumps (2-foot height) to elicit exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD).

Participants took four doses of either Zynamite PX or placebo in 25 hours: a single 420-mg dose of Zynamite PX or placebo one hour before competition, followed by three additional doses every eight hours. Those who took Zynamite PX had attenuated soreness elicited by competitive exercise, and accelerated recovery of muscle performance compared to those who took placebo.

According to Jeremy Appleton, ND, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs at PLT, the extremely rapid increases in performance and recovery after limited use of Zynamite PX are eye-opening. “An increase in peak power of 3.8% might not seem impressive at first, but it’s important to remember that we’re comparing it to other studies where power results were achieved after much longer periods of supplementation. And these endpoints were achieved after training, whereas the Zynamite PX had an immediate, demonstrable effect,” he said. “The same holds true for the recovery benefits associated with Zynamite PX. Taking Zynamite PX just four times in 25 hours produced significant improvement in soreness and ability to exercise compared to placebo. This offers a new type of benefit package to sports nutrition formulators we have not seen before,” he added.

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