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PLT Receives Certification as a Carbon Neutral Company

November 8, 2021

08 November 2021 — PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced today that it has received Carbonfree®-partner designation partnering with a leading global carbon reduction and offset, organization Carbonfund.org Foundation, Inc. (East Aurora, NY, USA). PLT has instituted a company-wide emissions reduction program to lower its environmental impact. PLT is offsetting its electricity usage and shipping carbon emissions via carbon offsets generated from The Envira Amazonia Project – a tropical forest conservation initiative located in Brazil that covers nearly 500,000 acres of territory and combines conservation with community development activities.

According to Devin Stagg, Chief Operating Officer for PLT Health Solutions, the pursuits of environmental protection, sustainable sourcing, natural resource stewardship and right livelihood are cornerstones of their business. “As a company in the business of promoting health and wellness via plant-based ingredients, PLT Health Solutions understands that environmental protection, sustainable sourcing, protection of natural resources and ethical conduct are not only the right thing to do – they are also good business. Without a vibrant global ecosystem, we won’t have access to the natural, botanical materials that form the foundation of our products. And without a partnership-type relationship with the communities that grow, harvest, and process these raw materials, PLT Health Solutions loses access to the indigenous knowledge and innovation that makes our ingredients relevant and special,” he said.

PLT is engaged in a number of activities to reduce carbon emissions from its global operations. These include consolidating its international product shipments to reduce cargo emissions and balancing essential business travel with virtual meetings to reduce air travel emissions. It also includes workplace initiatives such as investment in energy-efficient technologies and moving files and documentation to electronic formats to minimize paper use.

These efforts in becoming carbon neutral are part of a broader Sustainability platform that has been a cornerstone of the PLT business for many years. Around the world, PLT is involved in efforts to support the sustainable growing, harvesting and processing of the raw materials that go into its ingredients as part of its PLT360™ initiative. The Sustainability platform also includes People+Planet™ initiatives dedicated to promoting human health and quality of life, as well as projects supporting the environment on both land and sea.

Taking The Carbon Offset Effort Global

The Envira Amazonia Project is a payment for ecosystem services forest conservation project, otherwise known as a Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) project, protecting nearly 500,000 acres (200,000 hectares) of tropical rainforest. The Project is expected to mitigate the release of more than 12.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions while preserving the habitat for an extraordinary amount of biodiversity and directly benefitting local communities.

“We applaud PLT Health Solutions for their commitment to mitigating climate change via neutralizing their corporate emissions,” explained Eric Carlson, President of Carbonfund.org Foundation. “We are at a crucial moment for protecting the Amazonian Basin and reducing climate change, and we greatly appreciate PLT’s support toward tropical forest conservation.”

Said Stagg: “Helping people live healthier and happier lives is core to PLT Health Solutions’ purpose. Beyond the ingredients that we develop and bring to market, we are continually looking to find new, creative and effective ways to do this. We are excited to be partnering with Carbonfund.org to support the transition to a clean energy future.”

For more information, visit www.plthealth.com/expertise/sustainability

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