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PLT Will Supply Traceable, Standardized Organic Elderberry Extract to North American Market

August 14, 2022
PLT Will Supply Traceable, Standardized Organic Elderberry Extract to North American Market


Morristown, NJ 14 August 2022 – PLT Health Solutions, Inc announced that it will begin offering new  elderberry extracts to the North American market. The PLT elderberry portfolio will include extracts standardized to 6% and 10% anthocyanins, offered in both standard and organic grades. Innovation  partner Nektium Pharma (Las Palmas, Spain) has secured long-term supply agreements with black  elderberry (Sambucus nigra) growers in Central Europe and will extract finished product at its state-of the-art facilities in the Canary Islands. Quality for these ingredients is assured by a per-batch testing  program including fingerprint analysis for identification and quantification of anthocyanins, DNA sequential  barcoding for authenticity, analysis for adulteration using the MALDI TOF technique, and standardization  of biomarkers. As non-GMO-certified, gluten- and additive-free powders, these elderberry extracts are  available immediately.

According to Steve Fink, Vice President of Marketing for PLT Health Solutions, the new elderberry  portfolio was developed as a solution to industry problems that occurred when demand for this ingredient  skyrocketed during the pandemic. “As often happens with plant-based materials when demand spikes  rapidly, there was a shortage of elderberry materials and a proliferation of sub-standard and adulterated  products entering the market. All of us have read headlines of inferior elderberry offerings in the media,”  he said “It has long been the mission of PLT Health Solutions to address industry pain points and to solve  problems. With this line of traceable, standardized and lab-tested elderberry extracts, we believe PLT and  Nektium have done that.” Our organic offering adds additional value and can help our customers  differentiate their products in the marketplace,” he added.

Traditional Immune Support, Modern Quality 

Black elderberry has a long tradition of use for immune support. The berries are high in flavonoids, such  as quercetin and rutin, with anthocyanins arguably the most important. Anthocyanins impart the  characteristic purple color to the berries, as well as much of the bio-efficacy in terms of antioxidant  activity, balancing inflammation metabolism, and supporting immune function.

Elderberry modulates immune function by multiple mechanisms, including activation of phagocytes,  supporting non-specific immune response, and promoting immune defense. The material supplied by PLT  is based on the Haschberg cultivar of Sambucus nigra, which contains a high level of naturally-occurring  anthocyanins.

According to Dr. Jeremy Appleton, Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs for PLT, the company’s new  elderberry extract portfolio offers consumer companies excellent product development and messaging  opportunities. “Elderberry and its constituent anthocyanins have been extensively researched. These new  products are both more concentrated than many other elderberry ingredients on the market today and of  higher quality, offering formulators the ability to create more effective products while building trust with  consumers and delivering greater value.”

For more information on PLT’s elderberry extract portfolio, visit https://www.plthealth.com/elderberry

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