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PLT360 is 2016 NBJ Award Winner for Supply Chain Transparency

March 28, 2016
PLT360 is 2016 NBJ Award Winner for Supply Chain Transparency

PLT Health Solutions frames the future with PLT360

Your friends at PLT Health Solutions are very proud to announce that we’ve been selected to receive the 2016 NBJ Award for Supply Chain Transparency for our trust and transparency building initiative: PLT360.

To say that we’re excited is something of an understatement because this award tells us that the industry is recognizing the importance of quality systems and trustworthy science – and PLT is proud to be leading the charge.

The March issue of Nutrition Business Journal covered the Awards, which are given in a number of categories to “individuals and companies who are committed to advancing the audience of healthy, educated consumers and fostering a business atmosphere that encourages sustainability and better nutrition.” In it, writer Marc Brush describes PLT360 as ‘a roadmap not only for the company’s future, but for the future of the industry.” He goes on to develop a case history for PLT360 in action for our best-selling ingredient Zembrin, tracing the function of the program’s four pillars – Ingredient Integrity, Quality, Sustainability and Efficacy – from farms in South Africa to stores throughout the United States.

Trust Builds Brands

In case you haven’t already heard, PLT360 is a business-wide commitment by PLT Health Solutions to develop ingredients that our customers can be both confident and proud to supply to their own customers – knowing that these ingredients are safe, of high quality, efficacious and harvested and manufactured in a sustainable way. Going beyond traditional quality control programs, PLT360 evaluates ingredients in an effort to provide transparency to deliver a best-in-class solution in a program that tracks Ingredient Integrity, Quality, Sustainability and Efficacy.

At PLT, we want to thank the editors of Nutrition Business Journal for the recognition they have given us with this award and congratulate the other award winners. But just as importantly, we want to thank our trusted suppliers and valued customers who are committed to joining us to lead our industry into the future.

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