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PLT Now Offers Third-Party Certified Sports Grade of Zynamite® PX in U.S. Market

June 3, 2020
BSCG Certified Drug Free® Program Covers 496 Drugs in Total and 272 Drugs Banned in Sports

MORRISTOWN, NJ – PLT Health Solutions announced today that the active/sports nutrition ingredient it offers – Zynamite® PX – is now third-party BSCG Certified Drug Free®. PLT manufacturing partner Nektium Pharma (Las Palmas, Spain) has established an on-going program with the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to test and certify materials sold as Sports Grade. The testing program covers 496 drugs in total, including 272 drugs that are banned by a broad range of sports organizations. Launched in February of this year, Zynamite PX is a patent-pending synergistic combination of a Mangifera indica extract and Sophora japonica extract (standardized to 50% quercetin) that offers a unique set of benefits in active/sports nutrition products. The subject of multiple clinical trials, Zynamite PX has been shown to improve peak power output in one hour after a single dose. It was also shown to reduce lactate build-up and speed recovery from long, intense workouts – places where athletes need help the most.

According to Steve Fink, Vice President of Marketing at PLT Health Solutions, third-party sports certification of Zynamite PX is indicative of PLT’s and Nektium’s commitment to the needs of sports consumers. “At PLT, we are committed to brining innovation to the active/sports nutrition market and look to meet the special needs of this segment. This certification is one way we hope we can help sports nutrition companies create products their customers will trust,” he said.  “Fast-acting and experiential, Zynamite PX is an ideal ingredient for pre-workout formulations – and can also be effective in post-workout recovery-type products. Studies on Zynamite PX also support its use in extreme and endurance sports performance formulations,” he said.

Nearly Four Decades of Sports Testing

The founder of BCSG, Don H. Catlin, M.D., created the first anti-doping laboratory in the United States in 1982, establishing testing methods and approaches that remain the Olympic benchmarks today. BCSG was founded in 2004 to address the needs of the supplements industry. The group practices method detection levels in the parts per billion (ppb or ng/g) that are essential for athletes to avoid the chance of positive drug tests. More information on the organization can be found at www.bscg.org.

Clinical Studies Back Performance Improvement

In 2018, a double-blind cross-over clinical study was conducted to determine whether a single 420 mg dose of Zynamite PX administered one hour before exercise would improve repeated-sprint performance. Subjects performed three Wingate tests interspaced by 4 minutes and a final 15 second sprint after ischemia. Peak power was improved by 3.8% in one hour versus placebo in subjects using one dose of Zynamite PX. One interesting result was that the quercetin dose was about 25-50% lower than that associated with quercetin ergogenic effects in previous studies, suggesting that this combination has synergistic effects.

In a separate study that looked at recovery, 48 subjects ran a 5K race to randomly assign them to two treatment groups, matched by sex and 5K performance. Two weeks later, they participated in a 10K race followed by 100 drop jumps (59 cm height) to elicit exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD). Results of the study suggest that a single 420 mg dose of Zynamite PX, taken one hour before competition, followed by three additional doses every eight hours, attenuated the pain elicited by competitive exercise and accelerated the recovery of muscle performance.

Ingredient integrity – from harvest to shelf

According to Rima Patel, Director of Quality for PLT, the independent verification conducted by BSCG on Zynamite PX is in line with the company’s PLT360® transparency and trust building initiative that was introduced in 2015. “PLT360 is a business-wide commitment by PLT Health Solutions to developing ingredients that our customers can be both confident and proud to supply to their own customers – knowing that these ingredients are safe, of high quality, efficacious and harvested and manufactured in a sustainable way,” she said. “Going beyond traditional quality control programs, PLT360 examines every aspect of an ingredient that we supply to deliver a best-in-class solution in a program that tracks Ingredient Integrity, Quality, Sustainability and Efficacy,” she added.


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