Artesa® Chickpea Protein

The Great Taste of Plant Protein

It’s Time To Change The Way You Think About Plant Protein

From the way it looks, smells and acts when it arrives in your facility – to how consumers react to it in finished products, Artesa Chickpea Protein has been engineered to deliver an incredible sensory experience for consumers in protein-fortified products.

Want more? Artesa is easier to formulate. Higher protein loading with fewer production problems and less waste.

Certfied Gluten Free
Certified Gluten Free
NON GMO Project verified

Artesa Chickpea Protein Advantages.

  • Excellent organoleptic
  • Small, uniform size
  • White color
  • Excellent water & oil binding
  • High protein loading possible
  • Drop-in replacement for dairy proteins
  • Leaner, cleaner labels

Which Protein Would You Use?

Comparing Leading Plant Proteins

When it comes to organoleptics, Artesa Chickpea Protein is superior from the start. Consumer panel testing shows that Artesa – in its native state – outperforms leading plant proteins.


Sensory you have to experience

Artesa Chickpea Protein helps deliver delightful experience to consumers in almost any food or beverage application. In low moisture systems, our taste, texture and the ability to maintain the structure of foods are critical components. In high moisture systems, our small particle size, high dissolution level and suspendability mean less ‘grittiness’, a better mouthfeel, better taste and better in-product.

Like no other plant protein.

Artesa Chickpea Protein is manufactured in a totally different manner than any plant protein on the planet. That’s what gives it its great taste. But it also gives Artesa unique physical and functional characteristics that are vitally important to creating great consumer products.

Artesa has a very small, uniform particle size that helps it function like dairy proteins in food, supplement and beverage applications. It also has high water binding capacity and foaming & emulsification properties that other plant proteins don’t – which can be critical to processing efficiency, shelf-life and final product quality.

Problems Solved with Artesa Chickpea Protein
Fabulous Frozen Breads
A producer of artisanal gluten-free breads was able to improve the texture, air cell structure and moisture content of their product after freezing with Artesa - while eliminating soy lecithin.
Reaching New Heights in Protein Concentration
A snack company created very small, high protein crisps with 50% protein by switching from pea protein to Artesa because of small, uniform particle size and neutral taste.
Drop-In Replacement for Dairy Protein
A contract baker avoided a costly retrofit for a high protein cookie line by replacing its high viscosity pea flour recipe with one containing both Artesa Chickpea protein and flour.
A Building Block for Plant-Based Snack Lines
Because of its neutral taste profile and white color, a plant-based snack company used Artesa Chickpea Protein as a foundation for a range of products - adding flavor and color without the need for masking.
No Need to Hide Taste in Powders
A sports supplement company was able to eliminate added sweeteners from its vegan protein powder product because of the neutral taste of Artesa Chickpea Protein.
Controlling "Crash Out" in Low pH Beverages
A beverage company was experiencing sedimentation and shelf-life issues with a rice/pea protein mix in their low pH drink. Artesa protein's small, uniform particle size and high water binding capacity significantly increased shelf life and product quality.

Simpler is Better

Artesa Chickpea Protein can help you simplify your labels. Our great taste means fewer sugars or masking agents are required to create a good sensory experience.

And our in-product functionality means fewer stabilizers – and even the removal of dairy and other ingredients for mouthfeel.


Better for People. Better for the Planet.

Artesa Chickpea Protein is one of the most sustainable ingredients you’ll find. Our chickpeas are grown and processed in North America – in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Chickpeas have a low carbon footprint, require less fertilizer and significantly lower use of water and pesticides in production. Want more? There are no GMO chickpeas – and probably never will be.

More Information

The World is Gaga for Garbanzo

Chickpea-based pulse snacks saw growth of more than 150% in the year ending Oct. 30, 2016

During the 4th Quarter of 2016, mentions of chickpeas on menus increased by 3.8% year-over-year. Hummus mentions gained 3.7% year-over-year.

Hummus has seen retail sales rise from less than $10 million in the late 1990s to industry estimates in the range of $700-800 million in more recent years, according to the U.S. Dry Pea and Lentil Council.

We’ve got the expertise to help you speed product development

At Nutriati, we’ve been working with Artesa Chickpea Protein in our Applications Laboratories for 2 years – which means we can offer insight into how to bring it to your formulation. Our Applications Team has experience in product development & commercialization in a broad range of foods.

Good for
Ingredient Solutions
Active Nutrition
Plant Protein
Plant-Based Nutrition
Plant-Based Meat
Functional Foods

Sustainable, low environmental impact

Frozen Foods
Plant-Based Meat
Prepared Foods
Soups, Sauces, Gravy

Made In North America

Nutriati’s chickpeas are grown in North America – in the United States and Canada. Production of the final product takes place on the US Eastern Seaboard – unlike many other pulse flours that are extracted in China. Nutriati works with a select group of farmers to supply Artesa chickpeas – developing long-term relationships that will help them improve the profitability of their farms.

Highly Sustainable

The chickpea gets good marks when it comes to sustainability. Chickpeas create their own fertilizer by fixing nitrogen from the air – which lowers greenhouse gases, significantly lowers need for chemical fertilizers and creates healthier soils for future planting. They are an excellent rotational crop. They also require significantly lower use of water and pesticides in production. Chickpeas have the lowest carbon footprint of any protein starting materials and there is no such thing as a GMO chickpea. We like to say that Artesa Chickpea Flour is Good for People and Good for the Planet!

Adding Artesa to Formulation and Taste

We have also used Artesa Chickpea Protein in combination with other protein ingredients – notably pea protein – to improve overall taste of a formulation. This has the benefit of reducing the need for sweeteners and/or masking agents – delivering a healthier product and a cleaner label.

Artesa Chickpea Protein has been formulated into RTD applications and ready to mix dry blend nutrition supplement applications where other plant-based ingredients and nutrients have been used. Artesa has proven to overcome texture issues when combined with other plant-based compounds and is able to overshadow some of the negative plant-based flavor and aromatic elements of those ingredients. Because of the color, clean flavor profile and functionality, Artesa Chickpea Protein is an extremely useful complementary tool in the developer’s pantry when formulating composite beverage products.

Artesa Chickpea Protein manufactured by Nutriati, USA.

“We can do 'amazing things' with Artesa,
including eliminating air pockets and the ability to spread peanut butter on the bread without tearing.
C.B., Lead Product Developer
“Artesa is unique due to its soft texture,
versatility, high-protein nutritional value and best of all: flavor. I look for tasty ingredients that are easy to use. Artesa provides both, while sneaking in a nutritious element. That’s an all-around win in my kitchen.”
Liz Kiniry Chef
When I started working with Artesa Chickpea Flour,
I realized I could get a gluten-free bread that tasted great and had the other sensory characteristics I was looking for. Without adding stabilizers. You can’t do that with other pulse flours

Let us help you expand your plant-based offering.

Our partner, Nutriati, has extensive experience – not only with Artesa – but across today’s food and beverage landscape. They can help you develop formulations that will meet your goals for taste, sensory and process-ability.