Artesa® Textured Protein Solutions

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Artesa Textured Protein solutions give you the formulating flexibility of soy without the drawbacks.
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Artesa Textured Proteins allow you to skip the vital wheat gluten and have low allergenicity potential allowing you to broaden your customer base.
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You can make truly vegan and plant-based products with great organoleptic qualities.
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If you’re looking to clean up your label and reduce the number of ingredients in your formulation, Artesa is right for you.

An Innovation in Ingredient Technology

Today, PLT offers one of the most effective ranges of Textured Protein on the market. We offer a Textured Chickpea Protein and a Textured Pulse Protein that respond to the challenges of formulating plant-based meats. These are based on Nutriati’s proprietary manufacturing processes and broad expertise in creating gold-standard formulations for consumer food products.

Used primarily in meat replacement, we can help you develop consumer pleasing products in beef, chicken, fish and pork replacement applications.


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Plant-Based Nutrition

Artesa Textured Chickpea Protein and Textured Pulse Protein can help you revolutionize the plant-based foods space. They are optimized solutions for creating a ‘real meat’ experience with easy formulating and excellent processing characteristics.

Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free Solutions

Artesa Textured Chickpea Protein and Textured Pulse Protein can offer you a best-in-class approach to the development of gluten-free products that meet the sensory expectations of even the pickiest consumers. We can help you speed development time, cut your ingredient list and enhance your processing operation.



Nutriati’s chickpeas are grown in North America – in the United States and Canada. Production of the final product takes place on the US Eastern Seaboard – unlike many other pulse flours that are extracted in China. Nutriati works with a select group of farmers to supply Artesa chickpeas – developing long-term relationships that will help them improve the profitability of their farms.


The chickpea gets good marks when it comes to sustainability. Chickpeas create their own fertilizer by fixing nitrogen from the air – which lowers greenhouse gases, significantly lowers need for chemical fertilizers and creates healthier soils for future planting. They are an excellent rotational crop. They also require significantly lower use of water and pesticides in production. Chickpeas have the lowest carbon footprint of any protein starting materials and there is no such thing as a GMO chickpea. We like to say that Artesa Chickpea Flour is Good for People and Good for the Planet!

Artesa Textured Chickpea Protein Solutions are manufactured by Nutriati, USA.

“We can do 'amazing things' with Artesa,
including eliminating air pockets and the ability to spread peanut butter on the bread without tearing.
C.B., Lead Product Developer
“Artesa is unique due to its soft texture,
versatility, high-protein nutritional value and best of all: flavor. I look for tasty ingredients that are easy to use. Artesa provides both, while sneaking in a nutritious element. That’s an all-around win in my kitchen.”
Liz Kiniry Chef
When I started working with Artesa Chickpea Flour,
I realized I could get a gluten-free bread that tasted great and had the other sensory characteristics I was looking for. Without adding stabilizers. You can’t do that with other pulse flours

Let us help you expand your plant-based offering.

Our partner, Nutriati, has extensive experience – not only with Artesa – but across today’s food and beverage landscape. They can help you develop formulations that will meet your goals for taste, sensory and process-ability.