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élantria® Algal DHA

Promise Them Everything – Then Deliver
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2x Stability
élantria Algal DHA is more than two times more stable than conventional algal DHA oils.
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100% Non-Animal
élantria Algal DHA is plant-based and suitable for vegans.
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2 years
élantria Algal DHA has shelf-life testing data that shows it is stable – and still high quality – after two years…at room temperature!
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25 Years
The Quality Silver Process that’s behind élantria’s freshness has been decades in development.

The Highest Quality for Your Most Sensitive Customers.

Pregnant moms and infants are two of the most common consumers of Omega-3 fatty acids – and particularly DHA. They’re also among your most sensitive consumers when it comes to safety and quality.

élantria Algal DHA has been developed – from beginning to end – to be the safest, purest, highest quality DHA ingredient possible. We’ve looked at every step along the growing, processing and supply chain and we’ve optimized quality at every one of them.

As an ingredient, élantria Algal DHA also checks boxes on a number of lifestyle trends, including plant-based/vegan, sustainability and fair trade.


The plant-based revolution is a perfect place for the differentiation that Omega-3 fortification can add to your product. Products for infants and pregnant women are one place to start – but DHA is attractive to consumers from every walk of life. Algae are one of nature’s most renewable resources too.

Key Benefits
  • 4 times more stable than conventional algal DHA
  • Clean, enzymatic extraction – no solvents
  • Undetectable contaminant levels
  • Excellent taste, odor & color profiles
  • Highly sustainable
  • 2+ year shelf life
  • Allergen-free
  • GMO-free
  • 100% non-animal, suitable for vegans
Good For
Ingredient Solutions
Cognitive and Mood Support
Immune Health
Plant-Based Nutrition
Plant-Based Seafood
Beauty from Within
Functional Foods
Healthy Aging
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Prepared Foods
Soups, Sauces, Gravy
Soft Gels
RTDs / Shots
Dairy / Dairy Replacement
Plant-Based Seafood

Quality Silver®: Stability Art & Science

The élantria Quality Silver® process – which both inhibits the onset of oxidation and prevents the Oxidative Cascade – looks to address the myriad interlocking factors that influence oxidation – from cultivation to shelf. These include external factors such as oxygen, temperature and light. They also include internal factors, that can be a part of the consumer product formulating process: the starting level of oxidation, the fatty acids composition of the final formulation, how much water is introduced via things like emulsions, softgelling or capsuling. It is also affected by metals present in ingredients introduced to the finished formulation. In all of these areas, it is critical to delay the onset of oxidation – since once oxidation starts – it keeps on going (a phenomenon known as the Oxidative Cascade).

Testing of élantria Algal DHA has shown that it is 1.8 to 2.3 times as stable as competitive materials. For you – and the consumer – that means peace of mind knowing that your DHA will be safe and efficacious when it gets used.

Algae is a ‘food of the future’

Algae is a non-animal, renewable resource that can be grown like regular crops – with an even lower impact on the environment. It is estimated that there or over 72,500 different species of algae living on the planet Earth today. It has been called the “future sustainable super crop”. Algae can be grown in enclosed systems – almost like greenhouses. It grows much faster than traditional crops, requires fewer precious natural resources and avoids things like fertilizer and pesticides.

élantria Algal DHA via Quality Silver is more than 4x more stable than conventional algal oils


A very special type of algae

The base material for élantria Algal DHA is known as Schizochytrium sp. It is a non-GMO whole cell alga – a genus of the unicellular Eukaryotes in the family Thraustochytriaceae, which hail from marine coastal habitats. It was developed through ten years of genetic selection by the molecular biologists from Mara Technologies. This specific type of algae is very good at ‘manufacturing’ DHA.

These algae are grown in the European Union in closed systems with very strict quality control over water, temperature, light and nutrients. It’s basically high-tech farming. You might want to know that it isn’t legal to grow GMO foods in Europe these days.

The food for these algae is also non-GMO – which is an important distinction when considering non-GMO options. Some commercial algal DHA ingredients that call themselves non-GMO are derived from algae that has had GMO feedstocks. That’s why we call élantria Algal DHA a ‘true non-GMO’ ingredient.



What’s behind Quality Silver?

The élantria Quality Silver® process – which both inhibits the onset of oxidation and prevents the Oxidative Cascade – looks to address the myriad interlocking factors that influence oxidation – from cultivation to shelf. Once the algae are grown, they are shipped off to the extraction process – which is handled via fermentation and is solvent-free. This ‘gentle’ process preserves the goodness of the natural material. The patent-protected extraction process also offers higher bioavailability.

Two of the most important features of the Quality Silver process involve oxygen and temperature control. Processing and handling in an oxygen-free environment, and temperatures kept cold during processing and storage. A proprietary antioxidant “cocktail” that is specially designed for the natural form of Algal DHA is added to combat pro-oxidant factors and protect against oxidation risks.

Once we have our oil, we conduct stability testing – using a state of the art Rancimat methodology to understand the long-term stability for the life of the oil.

Finally, when it comes time to ship élantria Algal DHA we use specialized packaging done under the cold of nitrogen, using the highest quality products and practices to minimize the impact of handling and external environment during shipping and storage.


Give your customers the highest quality Omega-3 ingredients on the market

At PLT, we’re committed to delivering highly differentiated ingredient solutions that give our customers opportunities for compelling consumer messaging. Ask about how élantria Omega-3 product line – marine and algal – can help you succeed.