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Artesa® Chickpea Flour Product Sheet

The New Taste of Gluten Free

  • An Incredibly Nutritious Multipurpose Flour

    Gluten-free formulations often have less than optimal nutritive profiles. Artesa Chickpea Flour has a good protein content (>12%) and adds fiber, resistant starch, vitamins and other nutrients.

  • Exceptional Formulating Functionality

    Depending on your application, Artesa Chickpea Flour has a number of intriguing properties that can help you deliver the product you’re aiming for, whether it's bread, baked goods, pasta, or a replacement for fat, eggs and dairy.

  • Good for people. Good for the planet.

    Chickpeas have the lowest carbon footprint of any protein starting materials and there are no GMO chickpeas – and probably never will be.

Wheat Flour Has Finally Met Its Match!

Behind every ingredient solution is an even better story, view the product sheet to learn more.

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