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Lipooxygenase inhibition in osteoarthritis: a potential symptomatic and disease-modifying effect?

Lipooxygenase inhibition in osteoarthritis: a potential symptomatic and disease modifying effect?

Dougados, Maxime

(2008) ARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY. 10. 116. 10.1186/ar2490.


5-Loxin® is a compound extracted from an ancient herb that might be considered as a potent lipooxygenase inhibitor. The results observed in a preliminary trial suggest a highly intriguing clinically relevant symptomatic effect contrasting with a poor bioavailability of this compound. Moreover, in this trial, a statistically significant decrease in matrix metalloproteinase enzyme serum level suggests that, in addition to the observed symptomatic effect, such a compound might have a disease modifying effect in osteoarthritis. Further studies are required both to confirm the symptomatic efficacy and acceptable safety profile and to evaluate the potential chondromodulating effect of this compound.

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