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Mangifera indica L. Leaf Extract in Combination With Luteolin or Quercetin Enhances VO2 peak and Peak Power Output

Mangifera indica L. Leaf Extract in Combination With Luteolin or Quercetin Enhances VO2 peak and Peak Power Output, and Preserves Skeletal Muscle Function During Ischemia-Reperfusion in Humans

Gelabert-Rebato, Miriam & Wiebe, Julia & Martín Rincón, Marcos & Gericke, Nigel & Pérez Valera, Mario & Curtelin, David & Galvan-Alvarez, Victor & Lopez-Rios, Laura & Morales-Alamo, David & Calbet, Jose

(2018) FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY. 9. 10.3389/fphys.2018.00740.


It remains unknown whether polyphenols such as luteolin (Lut), mangiferin and quercetin (Q) have ergogenic effects during repeated all-out prolonged sprints. Here we tested the effect of Mangifera indica L. leaf extract (MLE) rich in mangiferin (Zynamite)
administered with either quercetin (Q) and tiger nut extract (TNE), or with luteolin (Lut) on sprint performance and recovery from ischemia-reperfusion. Thirty young volunteers were randomly assigned to three treatments 48 h before exercise. Treatment A: placebo (500mg of maltodextrin/day); B: 140mg of MLE (60% mangiferin) and 50mg of Lut/day; and C: 140mg of MLE, 600mg of Q and 350mg of TNE/day. After warm-up, subjects performed two 30 s Wingate tests and a 60 s all-out sprint
interspaced by 4min recovery periods. At the end of the 60 s sprint the circulation of both legs was instantaneously occluded for 20 s. Then, the circulation was re-opened and a 15 s sprint performed, followed by 10 s recovery with open circulation, and
another 15 s final sprint. MLE supplements enhanced peak (Wpeak) and mean (Wmean) power output by 5.0–7.0% (P < 0.01). After ischemia, MLE+Q+TNE increased Wpeak by 19.4 and 10.2% compared with the placebo (P < 0.001) and MLE+Lut
(P < 0.05), respectively. MLE+Q+TNE increased Wmean post-ischemia by 11.2 and 6.7% compared with the placebo (P < 0.001) and MLE+Lut (P = 0.012). Mean VO2 during the sprints was unchanged, suggesting increased efficiency or recruitment of
the anaerobic capacity after MLE ingestion. In women, peak VO2 during the repeated sprints was 5.8% greater after the administration of MLE, coinciding with better brain oxygenation. MLE attenuated the metaboreflex hyperpneic response post-ischemia, may have improved O2 extraction by the Vastus Lateralis (MLE+Q+TNE vs. placebo, P = 0.056), and reduced pain during ischemia (P = 0.068). Blood lactate, acid-base balance, and plasma electrolytes responses were not altered by the supplements. In conclusion, a MLE extract rich in mangiferin combined with either quercetin and tiger nut extract or luteolin exerts a remarkable ergogenic effect, increasing muscle power in fatigued subjects and enhancing peak VO2 and brain oxygenation in women during prolonged sprinting. Importantly, the combination of MLE+Q+TNE improves skeletal muscle contractile function during ischemia/reperfusion.

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