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PLT Presents – Getting Personal in Active Nutrition: New Ingredients & Science that Will Change the Game Webinar


October 14, 2020



PLT Health Solutions has proudly partnered with Rodman Media and Nutraceuticals World to produce a webinar focused on the Active Nutrition market – where we’ve taken a holistic approach on how to bring innovation to this important category.

Active nutrition means a wide range of things to an increasingly broad segment of the population. The spectrum ranges from bodybuilders and endurance athletes, to competitive and fitness athletes, on to people who enjoy an active lifestyle or are weekend warriors.

Each of these wants a personalized experience, but all want superior results. Younger, older, men, women are all looking for different benefits and experiences—your products can be tailored to specific needs.

This webinar will present a series of scientifically supported ingredients that deliver top-trending benefits that can be used to customize formulations for different market segments.