Artesa® Chickpea Protein


It’s time to change the way you think about plant protein

Artesa Chickpea Protein is a highly nutritious plant protein concentrate that can match dairy proteins for taste, texture, mouthfeel and formulation functionality.  With Artesa, you can deliver higher levels of protein in consumer-pleasing products with easier, faster processing, leaner, cleaner labels and unleashed creativity.

From the way it looks, smells and acts when it arrives in your facility – to how consumers react to it in finished products, Artesa Chickpea Protein has been engineered to deliver an incredible sensory experience for consumers in protein-fortified products.

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Artesa Chickpea Protein Advantages

  • Excellent organoleptics
  • Small, uniform particle size
  • White color
  • Excellent water & oil binding
  • High protein loading possible
  • Drop-in replacement for dairy proteins
  • Leaner, cleaner labels


When it comes to organoleptics, Artesa Chickpea Protein is superior from the start. Consumer panel testing shows that Artesa – in its native state – outperforms leading plant proteins.

Sensory You Have to Experience

Artesa Chickpea Protein helps deliver delightful experience to consumers in almost any food or beverage application.

In low moisture systems, our taste, texture and the ability to maintain the structure of foods are critical components.

In high moisture systems, our small particle size, high dissolution level and suspendability mean less ‘grittiness’, a better mouthfeel, better taste and better in-product quality.



Simpler is better.

Artesa Chickpea Protein can help you simplify your labels. Our great taste means fewer sugars or masking agents are required to create a good sensory experience. And our in-product functionality means fewer stabilizers – and even the removal of dairy and other ingredients for mouthfeel.

Better for people. Better for the planet.

Artesa Chickpea Protein is one of the most sustainable ingredients you’ll find. Our chickpeas are grown on farms in the USA and Canada and processed in Virginia – with an environmentally friendly process.

Chickpeas have a low carbon footprint, require less fertilizer and significantly lower use of water and pesticides in production. Want more? There are no GMO chickpeas – and probably never will be.

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