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We want to help you search for the ‘new’.

For over 70 years, PLT Health Solutions has been on the lookout – all over the world – for innovative natural ingredient concepts that can be developed into proprietary branded ingredients for your products.

A stage-gate managed ingredient development process.

PLT evaluates more than 200 ingredient or technology ideas every year. We ask ourselves the following questions among many others:

  • Do they meet real consumer needs?
  • Do they solve a problem?
  • Are they best-in-class?
  • Can we supply consistently?
  • Do they meet our standards for traceability, quality, efficacy and sustainability?
  • What additional clinical work may be required?

What you access by working with PLT is heavily curated and developed ready-to-go, validated solutions.


What can PLT expertise do for you? Our expertise has:

  • Powered the best-selling joint health brand in the world
  • Created the scientific studies and market messaging for some of the world’s fastest growing weight management brands.
  • Participated in over 200 scientific studies on natural ingredients supporting human health & wellness
  • Created gold standard claims and messaging dossiers that cut new product development time by a year
  • Guided and supported our customers’ regulatory efforts in over 30 countries
  • Conducted consumer research that has developed compelling new ways to differentiate products to gain or defend market share

At PLT, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to put our expertise to work, helping you build and grow your brands.

We understand how to add value throughout the lifecycle of an ingredient.

Innovation starts with listening to our customers, to consumers, to market makers, to thought leaders, to visionaries and to our own people. We also listen to traditional cultures with the ears of modern scientists and businesspeople.

Market Need
Meeting an unmet need or solving an industry problem.
Step Change Performance
Experience that moves the needle in the eyes of consumers.
Compelling Messaging
Telling stories that connect with your customers.
Solid Science
Safety and clinical studies that you – and your customers – can trust.
Consumer Trends
Ingredient concepts that capture the imagination and delight.
Cost Targets
Hitting your cost-per-dose goals. Opportunities for premium pricing.
Supply Assurance
Continuous availability of high-quality material that you can rely on.
Social Responsibility
An ingredient that you and your customers can be proud of.
Intellectual Property
Opportunities for market exclusivity and differentiation.
Channel Fit
Cost/benefit and sales potential that fits your market segment.
Regulatory Acceptance
Ingredients that meet local & regional regulatory standards.
Lifecycle Management
Solutions that have staying power in the market.

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Commercializing New Ingredients

Today’s consumer products companies are putting more emphasis on the market-readiness of their ingredients and technologies than ever before.

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