Promotes Calm & Combats Stress

Zembrin LogoZembrin® is a new, self-affirmed GRAS and patented botanical ingredient based on more than 300 years of documented indigenous use. Zembrin® is the brand that stands for Socially Responsible utilization of traditional knowledge accumulated over hundreds of years. The product has been awarded the first ever Export and Bioprospecting permit by the South African Government in recognition of the producers' Socially Responsible and Environmentally sustainable practices.

Now available in North America, Zembrin® is a plant extract derived from controlled cultivation of an elite selection of Sceletium tortuosum herb - bringing the traditional benefits to our market backed by scientific and clinical validation. With formal clinical human safety data, in vivo and in vitro safety data, and 300 years of published historic use Zembrin® provides a significant market opportunity. Zembrin® is experiential - users "feel" its benefits.

Zembrin PlantPlants of Zembrin®'s genus have been used for millennia before the earliest written reports of the uses of these plants 300 years ago by European explorers and settlers. Advanced horticultural techniques for growing and harvesting allow for an elite and highly uniform selection of the plant, thereby enabling the commercial production of a standardized extract. Importantly, Zembrin® has been developed and produced as an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible initiative. There are clinical case reports and numerous convergent anecdotal reports indicating beneficial activities of Zembrin® in terms of decreasing emotional distress, supporting calm, relieving tension, and promoting an optimistic outlook in healthy people.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
All the raw plant material used in the manufacture of Zembrin® is cultivated. Rigorous efforts have been expended to ensure that indigenous knowledge-holders participate in a fair and equitable way through a groundbreaking formal "prior informed consent" benefit-sharing agreement.

History, Glocalization and Traceability
Zembrin® is a standardized extract of cultivated elite plant material. Zembrin® has recognized mechanisms of action involved in feelings of relaxation, calm and stress reduction. The activities have been demonstrated for the whole extract and also for the isolated key markers present in the extract, providing a rationale for the standardization to selected markers. The quality and standardization of Zembrin® is guaranteed by carefully controlled  horticulture using proprietary seeds and vegetative cuttings of a select chemotype, cultivated to Global-GAP. Absolutely no wild crafting. The growing and harvesting on farms employs rural folk in these areas. Standard operating procedures are  followed for the harvesting, washing, as well as for the method, duration and temperature of drying of the plant material. Key marker compounds are quantified in the raw material and extract on an ongoing basis to ensure the integrity of the  phytochemical profile during production, and to determine shelf-life. Records are kept to ensure complete traceability from seed to extract.

In vitro, in vivo and Phase-1 safety studies of Zembrin® in healthy human volunteers have found no evidence of toxicity. A double-blind placebo-controlled Phase 1 clinical trial on two doses of Zembrin® demonstrated good tolerability over the 3 months studied. There were no significant adverse events in the active group, and there were no differences between active and placebo groups in vital signs, blood biochemistry and urinalysis. Positive benefits were spontaneously reported by some trial participants.

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