Build a Weight Loss Brand Consumers Can Trust

Gold-standard clinical trial on overweight men & women sets standards for communicating efficacy




What You Need to Know About SLENDACOR®

  • Large 2016 clinical study on healthy non-obese subjects
  • Consistent results over 16-week study
  • Statistically significant weight loss within 14 days
  • Weight & inches reduction in both women & men
  • Results seen in core: waist & hips
  • Twice a day, convenient low dose
  • Patented


New SLENDACOR® Core Slimming Complex is derived from three spices with known uses in traditional medicine. These three have been selected from hundreds of herbs, using cutting-edge screening techniques that assessed their ability to work synergistically in inhibiting fat accumulation and promoting the breakdown of fat in fat cells. SLENDACOR’s patented approach works at multiple levels by inhibiting the accumulation of fat into fat cells (lipogenesis) and enhancing the body’s ability to break down fat cells (lipolysis). The result is an ingredient that has been clinically-shown to significantly enhance weight loss and help re-shape the body.

Compared to diet & exercise alone, the new trial on SLENDACOR® shows dramatic results



New trial helps you talk to consumers about your weight management products

SLENDACOR has been studied in two clinical trials to date. The design and results of the most recent clinical research on SLENDACOR Core Slimming Complex offers a range of significant opportunities for your weight management products. The study participants included both men and women. The subjects were of a broad age range, and were a healthy population of overweight – not obese individuals – adding confidence to performance in the general population. The duration of this trial demonstrates steady, consistent weight loss – starting early, and supporting long-term weight loss success. Finally, the trial demonstrates statistically significant slimming – with a reduction in waist circumference, with no reduction in lean body mass. Analyses indicate that statistically significant (p<0.0001) reductions in key parameters were observed beginning at day 14.

In a crowded weight management sector, consumers have always wanted results. In today’s environment, they also need to trust the products they buy. Trust the safety. Trust the science. And trust the performance.