Supresa™ Crave Control

A clinically-studied, fast-acting ingredient that can enhance any weight management product, program or diet

Supresa™ Crave Control – derived from the flowers of a special cultivar of Crocus sativus L - offers a special route to weight loss support – by enhancing the neurotransmitter serotonin and reducing the desire to snack between meals.

As shown by a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial, Supresa is the only saffron-based ingredient that has both science and intellectual property in the weight management space. This research demonstrates its role in helping to reduce food craving and snacking – as early as 14 days for women considered to be ‘snackers’.

Supresa is a perfect ingredient for use in foods & beverages – especially in meal replacement and meal program applications. Other trending uses are lollipops, gums, chews and shakes because it offers a low dose, minimal organoleptic impact and excellent solubility.

Give Your Customers ‘Crave Control’

Keto? Paleo? Mediterranean? Low fat? No matter what your program is, why not add Supresa to your product and give your customers the help they’ll need to help them succeed. Supresa induces a feeling of well-being and stress reduction to address the source of stress-related overeating and snacking. Supresa represents a different mechanism of action for weight management – giving you an opportunity to differentiate your product.

Positive experience in 14 days

A recent review of Supresa clinical data showed an interesting result. We asked participants whether they were a frequent snacker. We found that some participants rarely snacked while others did it often. And within that group of people we could identify as ‘snackers’, we saw that reduced cravings and reduced incidents of snacking were evident on the first day we collected data in this 8-week study – which was at 2 weeks. So, while the study showed statistically significant reduction in craving and snacking for the whole group at 8 weeks, the group who probably needed help the most were benefiting as early as 14 days.

Global Intellectual Property

Supresa is the only saffron-based weight management ingredient with patent protection in global markets. The patents cover the use of saffron, the saffron extracts crocin and picrocrocin, and derivatives of these as an ingredient in support of a healthy weight.

USA: US 9,833,489 B2  |  Canada: 2648985  |  Europe: 2,010,012  |  Japan: (6,093,425)