A New Targeted Release Caffeine Your Customers Will Rave About

Developed by leading biochemists from the pharmaceutical industry, zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine represents a new state-of-the-art in caffeine delivery systems. It’s a major leap forward from conventional caffeine coating technologies.

Today, PLT Health Solutions offers an Extended Release caffeine for truly long-lasting energy and a Delayed Release caffeine that can help you create a unique energy profile for your customers. By using a blend of immediate release, Delayed Release and Extended Release caffeine, zümXR can create a truly customized caffeine release profile in products your customers will truly experience.

Why zümXR technology is better

Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that has an objectionable taste. Initial technologies created to ‘coat’ caffeine - lipids, waxes and water soluble resins, focused on masking flavor – were later adapted to modified release applications. Beyond this, other early modified release caffeine solutions were accomplished using tableting technology rather than functional coatings, which eliminated the ability to create powders and beverages. One more thing: most lipid or waxed based products are not stable These technologies limit the flexibility that formulators have in designing products and energy profiles.

zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine has been designed from the ground up to give you the most flexibility in designing your energy products and to deliver an ‘energy experience’ to consumers.

Things you’ll want to know about zümXR Targeted Caffeine

  • Pharma modeling techniques used in ingredient design
  • Raw material selection tightly controlled (active & Coating)
  • Tight specifications around product attributes:
    • Particle Size
    • Assay
    • Dissolution
  • Tightly controlled dissolution specs
  • USP methodologies employed in Quality control



Extended Release Caffeine

Release Specification

1 Hour:        Not more than 55%
6 Hours:      Not less than 80%

Delivery system

  • Ethylcellulose Dispersion (GRAS)
  • Semi-permeable membrane
  • Uniform release independent of pH


  • All Day energy
  • Long lasting sports (endurance)
  • Long study sessions
  • Workplace
  • Combination energy products




Delayed Release Caffeine

Release Specification

1 Hour:        Not more than 25%
2 Hours:      Not less than 80%

Delivery system

  • Natural Bioadhesive Polymer (GRAS)
  • pH-dependent release


  • Combination energy products – blend w/ traditional caffeine
  • Pre-workout
  • Intra-workout
  • Endurance activities (2+ hours)




Liquid-Stable Extended Release

Delivery system

  • Natural lipids
  • Non-pH dependent release
  • Released through enzymatic processes
  • High-quality materials
  • 'Spheres' don't float
  • Visually appealing
  • Excellent mouthfeel


  • Perfect for 'shot' sized & non-heated products
  • Customized, predictable energy profile

A Dissolution Profile Comparison

In a number of dissolution profile tests, zümXR consistently shows a true targeted release profile compared with well-known competitive materials that feature simple lipid and/or wax coating technologies – either release too little caffeine or all the caffeine in a short period of time.

Designing A Unique “Energy Experience”

With zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine ingredients, you can create a virtually unlimited types of energy profiles – by combining immediate release, delayed release and extended release ingredients. The chart below illustrates this idea. The Morning Pick Me Up profile starts out strong and eases things down. The Pre-Workout profile starts with a strong peak and then adds a second peak. And the All-Night Study Session profile has a gentle rise upward with a peak late and sustained energy afterward. All of these can be developed with the predictive performance that zümXR technology offers.


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