Next-Gen Support for Brain & Body

Zynamite is a patent-pending proprietary Mangifera indica extract standardized to ≥ 60% mangiferin developed from sustainably harvested mango leaves. It was developed as part of a comprehensive ethnobotanic screening process designed to deliver a range of mental and physical benefits. It has a portfolio of safety data and has been the subject of 3 pre-clinical and 6 clinical studies. The primary areas of application will be in cognitive health products where it provides mental energy, and active/sports nutrition products where it has been demonstrated to improve both peak power output and mean power output in fatigued and exhausted subjects.

What you need to know about Zynamite®

  • 6 clinical studies
  • 4 global industry awards
  • Patent-pending
  • Similar brain activity to caffeine
  • Fast-acting & experiential
  • Enhanced mental energy
  • Improved workouts & recovery
  • Targets both brain & body
  • Natural, clean label
  • Exciting consumer messaging
  • Safe, side-effect free

Faster Reaction Time & Improved Calculation Performance

Zynamite is an ingredient that enhances mental energy. Clinical studies of formulations containing Zynamite point to rapid onset of enhanced brain electrical activity, with statistically significant improvement in reaction time and calculation performance.

At PLT, we call Zynamite a ‘caffeine-similar’ because it produces brain wave activity analogous to caffeine and offers some of the most important cognitive benefits of caffeine.

Intriguingly, in vivo studies of Zynamite have pointed to the potential for synergies between Zynamite and low doses of caffeine, suggesting that formulations that combine these ingredients will be attractive to consumers. This sets up exciting formulating options that include both ‘stim’ and ‘non-stim’ products.

Expand the Possibilities of Performance

Zynamite is an ingredient that supports the mental and physical aspects of sports performance. Clinical studies of formulations containing Zynamite suggest that it improves both peak power output and mean power output in fatigued and exhausted subjects – that place where athletes find themselves when they need your help the most.

Clinical study participants receiving different formulations including Zynamite underwent testing in both simulated exhaustion (exercise) and exhausted (ischemia-reperfusion) states. Results were statistically significant.

Faster reaction and quicker adaptation to changing conditions are essential to high performance athletics. The cognitive benefits of Zynamite combined with the physical make this ingredient a unique solution and an exciting opportunity for consumer messaging in your products.