Commercializing New Ingredients

Market-Ready Ingredients & Technologies

PLT's expertise assures the the market readiness of your ingredients and technologies

Proof of identity, traceability, quality control, sustainability and scientifically substantiated efficacy are no longer just nice to have – they are must-haves. Developing market ready ingredients requires expertise and often a substantial investment.

For more than six decades, PLT Health Solutions has been working with companies all over the world to help successfully commercialize their ingredients. We have the expertise and infrastructure in place to facilitate the commercialization process of new ingredients and technologies.

Let’s Add Value to Your Product
Market Intel
We watch consumers. Talk with industry thought leaders. Scour every commercial channel. Take a global perspective. All to understand your next opportunity.
New concepts based on scientific breakthroughs. Solutions to difficult industry problems. Our interdisciplinary teams bring broad perspective and a collaborative spirit to innovation.
Scientific Verification and Validation
Traditional medicine. Modern nutrition science. Clinical program design. Translating data to messages. We bring scientific rigor to every ingredient we sell.
Relentless Global Sourcing
Discovering new ingredient ideas. Developing, building and maintaining global relationships to provide a highway of innovation. Reliability of supply. Best in class scientifically backed solution sourcing is what we’ve done for over 70 years.
Respecting Origins
Environmental sustainability. Fair trade with local populations . Tractability and chain of custody. Our ingredients are more than just products. They are a way of life.
Quality Assurance
Developing systems. Training suppliers and teams. Working with your organization. Monitoring compliance. The work of Quality at PLT is constant.
Partnering for Success
Experienced sales team. Creative marketing expertise. Regulatory, scientific and trademark support. Our ability to support you covers more than you might imagine.
Rigorous review process and screening of pre-commercial ingredients assures that only the best solutions are added into our health platform portfolios.
We Source & Supply Everywhere in the World

PLT Health Solutions thinks globally. Our knowledge, our ideas and our ingredients come from over 30 countries, based on decades-long relationships. Today, we power some of the leading product brands on five different continents – with an international network of partners.


Compelling, Science-Backed Messaging

Our brilliant scientific personnel are drawn from the consumer products industry to manage the information behind the ingredients we market. We also develop our own science – in the form of high-quality clinical studies – to further increase the consumer impact and value of our ingredient solutions.


We Work With You To Build Compelling Market Ready Solutions

Behind every ingredient solution is a narrative that our customers can leverage with consumers. Our greatest strength is building the pillars of that narrative from the ground up. We go far beyond the surface and dig deeper into origin stories, history, evolution of the science, and tie in your ingredient’s wider benefits such as fair trade, sustainability, purity, and quality so that your ingredient stands out and disrupts the market.

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Today’s consumer products companies are putting more emphasis on the market-readiness of their ingredients and technologies than ever before.


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We work closely with our customers and our world-wide suppliers to source and scientifically back innovative ingredients for your product development needs.