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Water Soluble Zynamite® S Creates Fresh Innovation Opportunities for Functional Beverages

March 4, 2024
Water Soluble Zynamite® S Creates Fresh Innovation Opportunities for Functional Beverages

Morristown, NJ 4 March 2024 – PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced today that it is introducing a water-soluble formulation of the award-winning ingredient Zynamite® to the North American market. The ingredient that has been the subject of ten clinical studies and won six industry awards has been shown to be fast-acting and experiential, offering enhanced mental energy, improved workouts and recovery, targeting both brain and body. It offers a unique set of benefits for cognitive and active/sports nutrition products. This new product form was developed by PLT innovation partner Nektium Pharma (Las Palmas, Spain).

According to Devin Stagg, Chief Operating Officer at PLT Health Solutions, Zynamite® S offers consumer products companies’ new opportunities. “Zynamite® has been an exciting ingredient since its introduction in 2018, with broad consumer appeal in both the cognitive and sports/active nutrition categories. This innovation will allow the experiential nature of this ingredient to be used in beverages and other trending delivery systems,” he said. “The development of a water-soluble version of Zynamite® and the continuing clinical program associated with this ingredient speak to a commitment by our innovation partner Nektium to supporting this ingredient into the future,” he added.

A popular non-stim energy ingredient that enhances mental and physical performance, Zynamite® is a Mangifera indica extract that was developed from sustainably harvested mango leaves. Zynamite® S is designed for use in applications such as RTDs and shots where neutral taste, solubility, heat stability and transparency in solution are key.

According to Nektium Commercial & Partnership Director Bruno Berheide, the company’s scientists have created this new water-soluble grade to meet growing demand for innovative energy, sports and hydration drinks. “Non-stim products are becoming a hot topic and there is high demand for alternatives that deliver rapid power and energy that consumers can really feel. Zynamite® stands out as a non-stim energy alternative, naturally enhancing mental and physical energy in a smarter way. Our new Zynamite® S allows manufacturers the opportunity to formulate innovative beverages that can help consumers ‘get in the zone’ and perform at their best,” he said.

Hybrid drinks
Zynamite® S can be used alone or in combination with caffeine and other ingredients to provide mental energy and focus as well as supporting physical energy, improved athletic performance and faster recovery. It is ideally positioned to tap into the trend for hybrid beverages that blur the lines between energy and sports drinks. Innova Market Insights research shows that out of the 56% of consumers worldwide who regularly use hydration products in conjunction with their exercise routines, more than a third use energy drinks.1 Bruno Berheide added: “In today’s dynamic functional beverage market, many brands are innovating with hybrid products that offer both mental and physical energy. Zynamite® S is the perfect option for these products as it delivers clinically backed benefits for mental energy and sports performance within just one hour.”

Clinical benefits

Zynamite® is supported by a portfolio of safety data and its efficacy has been demonstrated in 10 clinical studies in recognized journals. Multiple studies have shown that a single dose of Zynamite®-containing formulations enhance mental energy and improve physical performance. It does not increase either heart rate or blood pressure, indicating that it is a true non-stim ingredient.2

In 2020, the scientific journal Nutrients published a clinical study detailing its impact on cognitive performance in adults. It provided evidence that a single dose of Zynamite® significantly improved cognitive function and performance across a battery of cognitive tasks. These included accuracy of performance, accuracy of attention and long-term (episodic) memory.

An independent study in Nutrients in 2024 examined the effects of a single dose of Zynamite® combined with quercetin (marketed as Zynamite® PX in North America) on top Greek national basketball players during a basketball exercise stimulation test. Participants in the supplement group were faster, showing a statistically significant improvement in mean circuit lap time compared to those in the placebo group.3



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