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Easier breathing. Better respiratory health. Enhanced physical performance.
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Up to 16%
Improved lung function†
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Up to 7%
Improved aerobic exercise capacity†
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Up to 39%
Reduction in upper respiratory symptoms†
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Up to 18%
Improvement in perceived well-being†

Breathing is a fundamental part of life.

It’s easy to forget how many aspects of our lives are dependent on respiratory health – from overall health to emotional well-being to physical performance. But, factors like environmental pollution work against optimal respiratory health.

AlvioLife is a patented composition of Boswellia serrata resin standardized to 30% 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-ß-boswellic acid (AKBA) and Bengal quince fruit (Aegle marmelos) extracts. This combination of natural botanical extracts works via mechanisms that help reduce inflammation. It is a synergistic blend shown to possess stronger 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) inhibition activity than either extract alone. Significant evidence suggests that 5–LOX has profound influence on the onset and progression of airway inflammation. Since being introduced, it has been featured in formulations to help maintain clear airways, soothe respiratory tissues and manage environmental irritants. It works well in a broad range of consumer formulations at a fast-acting, low, 200 mg/day dose.

Key Features


  • Clinically Studied
  • Improvements as fast as 3 weeks†
  • Improves respiratory health†
  • Improves lung function up to 16%†
  • Improves aerobic exercise capacity by 7%†
  • Reduces upper respiratory symptoms up to 39%†
  • Improves perceived well-bring by 18%†
  • Reduces cold complaints
  • Low, 200 mg day / dose
  • Patented
† Contact PLT for information on new study
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Ingredient Solutions
Immune Health
Active Nutrition
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Respiratory health

AlvioLife offers broad spectrum support for people’s respiratory health. A new study shows that it supports improved lung function and capacity. It also supports the reduction of key markers of respiratory inflammation and irritation – like that caused by pollution. Best of all, it can help your customers just breathe easier.

World tuberculosis TB day, pneumonia, respiratory diseases concept.
Mature group of people doing breathing exercise

Active Lifestyle

AlvioLife can be a unique component of your sports/active nutrition formulation. A recent study shows that it can help support aerobic exercise capacity and exercise tolerance – increasing walking distance and walking speed.

Immune Health

Either as a standalone or as a complementary ingredient, AlvioLife can be a unique approach to immune health support. A new study shows that it reduces upper respiratory tract symptoms – especially in the presence of irritants. It also reduces the frequency of cold and flu complaints.

Young woman with heart problem holding chest.
Multi-ethnic girl enjoying the warmth of a sunset

Emotional Well-being

When we tell someone to ‘breathe easy’ – we’re talking about their state of mind. A new study demonstrated that AlvioLife supports an improved sense of well-being and healthy psychological wellness – promoting an overall better quality of life.


Overall Respiratory Support. Improved Immune Function. Better Quality of Life.

AlvioLife has been the subject of two human clinical trials measuring respiratory function.

In an earlier double-blind study involving subjects with bronchial asthma[1], thirty-six subjects took AlvioLife (200 mg/d) or a matching placebo for 56 days. AlvioLife conferred significant improvements in the clinical parameters; the emotional function (p = .0305) and asthma symptoms scores (p = .0002) were improved even at 14 days, compared with the placebo. Further, 56 days supplementation of AlvioLife resulted in significant increase in serum IFN‐γ (p = .0014) and reduction in IL‐4 (p = .0497), compared with placebo.


In a second double-blind trial, which is currently in pre-publication, healthy subjects with self-reported sensitivity to pollution took either 200 mg/d of AlvioLife or a matching placebo for six weeks. AlvioLife was found to improve lung function (FEV1) by up to 16%; lung capacity (FVC) by up to 30%; aerobic exercise capacity by up to 7% (6-minute Walk test); to reduce upper respiratory tract symptoms (WURSS-21) by up to ~40%; improved perceived immune status (ISQ) in as early as three weeks; improved psychological well-being (PGWBI) by up to 18%; and improved the percentage of CD4+ T Helper Cells. In both studies, AlvioLife was found to be safe and well-tolerated.

Subjects taking AlvioLife had greater improvements in functional respiratory outcomes

Subjects taking AlvioLife had reductions in upper respiratory symptoms AND improvements in general well-being



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