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AprèsFlex® 5-Day Joint Support

Mobility is Life
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5 Days
AprèsFlex has been shown in clinical trials to improve joint comfort in as little as 5 days.
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100 mg
Proven efficacy at only 100 mg/day.
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11 Studies
The science behind AprèsFlex is solid. It is supported by 7 preclinical studies and 4 human clinical trials.
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6 Months
AprèsFlex has been clinically shown to continuously improve joint comfort and function to six months

New Study Demonstrates Cartilage Preservation and Protection

Four double-blind clinical trials demonstrate that AprèsFlex rapidly improves joint comfort, stiffness, flexibility, and physical function, with long-lasting benefits that continue to accrue.
A revolutionary new clinical study shows that AprèsFlex can also help maintain healthy joint space and preserve cartilage thickness, while decreasing markers of cartilage breakdown and inflammation. That makes AprèsFlex the most comprehensive mobility solution on the market today. It will enable the development of products with benefits that will change people’s lives.


A Patented, Synergistic Extract of Boswellia serrata

AprèsFlex is a patented, synergistic combination of two proprietary extracts derived from Boswellia serrata gum resin. The oral bioavailability of acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA) from AprèsFlex is significantly higher than that of other commercially available Boswellia extracts, which allows for a lower daily dose and enhanced efficacy. AprèsFlex is used often as a standalone ingredient or in conjunction with other ingredients to power some of the best-known joint health consumer brands in the world.

Flexibility is Freedom

When we play a round of golf or spend an afternoon on our knees in the garden or just take a nice long walk, we are celebrating our freedom.

AprèsFlex has been giving people back their freedom for almost a decade, by delivering joint comfort and flexibility from 100 mg dose that starts to work in only 5 days.

Around the world, people have turned to AprèsFlex more than a billion times as a drug-free approach to joint comfort. They trust the science. Trust the quality. And trust the experience.

Key Features

  • Low, 100 mg/day dose
  • Fast acting joint comfort in just 5 days*
  • 56% reduction in WOMAC pain scores at 30 days*
  • 70% reduction WOMAC pain scores at 6 months*
  • Improved knee joint space and reduction of cartilage degradation*
  • Preservation of cartilage and improved cartilage health*
  • Four double-blind clinical trials

*Based on multiple clinical trials. See Resources section below.

Good For
Ingredient Solutions
Healthy Aging
Bone, Joint & Muscle
Weight Management
Active Nutrition
Stick Packs
Soft Gels


Clinical Science
Clinical Science
Market Opportunities

Bone & Joint Health

With AprèsFlex, you can make any joint health or mobility support product work faster and better. With results starting at 5 days, studies with AprèsFlex showed 70% improvement in joint comfort out to six months. A fourth clinical study shows evidence of cartilage preservation and protection.

Warming up outdoors in the fall. Quadriceps standing
Jogging, Senior Adult, Running, Senior Couple, Sport

Healthy Aging

Did you know that 10,000 American will turn 65 every day for the next fifteen years? Today’s seniors travel more, play more and do more than ever. AprèsFlex can help them get moving and keep moving. They’ll notice the difference quickly and come back for more.


Active/Sports Nutrition

AprèsFlex can be an important part of your active/sports nutrition formulations. Inflammation from exercise has similarities to the type of inflammation that occurs with the aging process. Studies show that joint comfort and function can be enhanced in just five days from the start.

Weight Management

Mobility and freedom from discomfort are critical to the kind of exercise we need to maintain a healthy weight. AprèsFlex can help your customers succeed in achieving their weight management goals by giving them the freedom to work out.

Female leg stepping on weigh scales. Healthy lifestyle, food and sport concept.

One of the most clinically studied mobility support ingredients on the market

AprèsFlex 5-Day Joint Support has been the subject of extensive preclinical and clinical research to demonstrate its mechanisms of action and efficacy in supporting joint comfort and mobility.

In its third clinical study, AprèsFlex was found to:

  • Provide significant reduction (p<0.05) in all pain scores at five days compared to the placebo*
  • Provide significant improvement (p<0.05) in all function scores at five days compared to placebo*

Visual Analog Score (VAS) (Graph A)
Lequesne Index (LFI) (Graph B)
WOMAC Index ((Graphs C, D, E)


Long-Term Performance

In its fourth clinical trial, at six months AprèsFlex was found to:

  • Improve joint comfort by 70%*
  • Reduce stiffness by 72%*
  • Enhance physical function*
  • Improve walking speed by 27%*

Cartilage Preservation and Protection

In its fourth clinical trial, AprèsFlex was found to:

  • Mitigate loss of joint space compared to placebo*
  • Preserve cartilage thickness*
  • Reduce markers of cartilage breakdown*

(^p<0.05 vs placebo)

For more information on AprèsFlex science, see the Resources section below.


Origin Story

A Sustainable and Socially-Responsible Ingredient

When your customers purchase a product featuring AprèsFlex, they become part of a story that is both sustainable and socially responsible. AprèsFlex is a proprietary Boswellia serrata gum resin extract. Over the last 25 years, PLT has worked with our innovation partner – Laila Nutraceuticals – to create an environment that can assure not only the highest quality ingredient with proven efficacy, but an ingredient that you and your customers can be proud of.

PLT Boswellia serrata materials are sourced in India from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The entire Boswellia serrata supply chain starts with deep, long-term relationships developed with the most trustworthy collectors and aggregators that have been decades in the making. In conjunction with the Indian forestry department, collectors are trained on sustainable gum tapping methodology to maximize yield while maintaining the safety and health of the Boswellia serrata tree populations. Tapping locations on the tree bark as well as the frequency of tapping are carefully controlled to maintain good tree health.


Boswellia oleo resin from Tree at palpur Ghat

In early 2022, PLT Health Solutions announced the commencement of a third-party sustainability audit program on Boswellia serrata trees in India by renowned botanical research consultancy Botanical Liaisons, LLC. The third-party audit program is based on a broad range of environmental, cultural and economic parameters.

At PLT, we understand that proper stewardship of natural resources and social responsibility toward the communities that support our work is both the right thing to do and good business.

"We worship and protect these trees and this tradition is also passed on from generation to generation."
Collector in Madhya Pradesh

PLT Mobility Solutions

At PLT, we are working on the concept of Mobility Solutions – that include benefits for joints, muscle and cartilage. We’re thinking about athletes who want to perform better and recover faster. We’re thinking about people who have physically demanding jobs who don’t want to or can’t take a day off from work. We’re thinking about anyone who has an active lifestyle who wants to embrace it despite the rigors. And yes, we’re thinking about the global aging population.

PLT Health Solutions’ leading portfolio of mobility support ingredients – based on more than a decade of ongoing research – has been developed to help you deliver innovative products that can capture the attention and the trust of consumers. All our ingredients are backed by multiple clinical studies – and offer rapid improvements from a low dose – in just about any delivery system you can imagine.


Deliver Enhanced Joint Comfort Your Customers Can Feel

PLT has a broad range of joint health solutions that can work in almost any type of product you’re making.