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ceratiq® Phytoceramides

Build a lifetime relationship with trusted beauty from within
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4 weeks
ceratiq has been shown in clinical trials to hydrate skin in as little as 4 weeks.
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3 times better
Studies show that ceratiq reduces the visibility of wrinkles three times better than the placebo.
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88% of women
Visible wrinkle reduction was seen in nearly every woman in our clinical trial.
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ceratiq was an Ingredient of the Year Award winner in Healthy Aging for Nutraingredients.
Key Features
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At the nexus of the health & wellness and cosmetics markets, beauty from within is emerging as one of the fastest growing product segments today.


  • New study shows increased hydration at 4 weeks
  • New study shows wrinkle reduction at 8 weeks
  • Long-lasting effects
  • NDI with claim “Helps Maintain Healthy Skin”
  • Non-GMO, non-allergenic
  • Easy to formulate in any delivery format
  • Perfect for beauty drink formulations & softgels
PLT and Robertet's Partnership at Work

PLT works with some of the most innovative, socially committed companies in the world in bringing our solutions for beauty from within to market. The Robertet Group from France is a unique company with a fascinating story to tell your customers.

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Healthy Aging

Good news! We’re living longer. And we want to look great longer too. The road to healthy skin starts when we’re young and continues into our senior years.

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Healthier skin starts today

ceratiq® Phytoceramides is the most clinically-studied ceramide ingredient in the world today with more studies, more subjects and better results. This robust body of science helped ceratiq® win the Nutraingredients-USA Ingredient of the Year in the Healthy Aging Category in 2018.

The age demographic for a product containing ceratiq runs from millennials to seniors, which can mean a lifetime relationship with your customers.

ceratiq® Phytoceramides is available in oil and water-soluble powder forms and can be a perfect added benefit in a wide range of beauty-from-within formulations.

Science your customers can trust

A 2018 clinical featuring 64 women (average age 55.8 years old) focused on several anti-aging skin factors – most notably hydration and anti-wrinkle efficacy. The subjects received either 350 mg of ceratiq oil or the placebo for 12 weeks. In the ceratiq group, wrinkles were significantly and visibly reduced, from 8 weeks (p < 0.001), compared to the placebo. The wrinkle reduction was visible for 88% of women after 12 weeks. The results demonstrated that skin was better hydrated after just 4 weeks. The persistence of gains in hydration and wrinkle reduction were demonstrated for two additional months after supplementation had concluded. Compared to the placebo, ceratiq was shown to offer 3 times the improvement in wrinkle visibility, 2.75 times the improvement in facial hydration and 5 times the improvement of radiance.

2018 Nutraingredients USA Awards

Healthy Aging Ingredient of the Year: ceratiq® Phytoceramides

In recognition of PLT’s on-going commitment to building relevant science around our ingredients, ceratiq Phytoceramides was recognized in the Healthy Aging category at the 2018 Nutraingredient Awards in the United States. A new study had demonstrated ceratiq’s ability to contribute to the reduction of visible wrinkles – to add to previously demonstrated hydration performance.

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Give your customers the happier, healthier skin they want.

PLT has a number of beauty-from-within solutions that can work in almost any type of product you’re making.