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FLEXIR® Joint Health Complex

A New Concept in Joint & Bone Health
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31 Percent
Increase in overall functioning.
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33 Percent
Reduction in pain scores.
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400 mg
A lower dose than chondroitin or glucosamine sulfate.
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14 Days
to enhanced joint comfort.
A New Concept in Joint Health

Are you looking for a new joint health ingredient with great science and a compelling story?

FLEXIR Joint Health Complex is here.

FLEXIR Joint Health Complex from PLT is fast-acting, showing a statistically significant reduction in pain scores by 2 weeks. Not 30 days. And not 3 months like other top-selling joint health ingredients. That translates into relief your customers can experience.

Key Features
FLEXIR Benefits

  • Relief in as soon as 2 weeks
  • A next-generation AKBA-based ingredient
  • Unique 3-botanical formula
  • Novel value proposition for your customers
  • Demonstrated clinical efficacy
  • Patent-pending

FLEXIR Joint Health Complex is a formulation of three botanicals with known benefits in supporting joint health

Terminalia chebula, Curcuma longa (Turmeric) and Boswellia serrata (AKBA). FLEXIR is a global formulation, made from hydroethanolic extracts of these herbs – minimizing regulatory issues. The clinically-studied performance of FLEXIR shows synergistic performance – improving on the performance of any of the ingredients alone.

A novel, synergistic formulation of three botanicals

Today’s consumers are more conscious of joint and bone health than ever. They’re actively looking for new answers. This novel combination of ingredients delivers a new value proposition to your customers.

Mechanisms of Action have been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo.

Studies of this new ingredient have suggested a mechanism of action for bone structure support through chondrocyte activation:

  • Enhanced chondrocyte survivability under inflammatory (IL-1β) conditions (in vitro).
  • Improved Glycosaminoglycan production by human chondrocytes.

 All constituents of this new ingredient have been shown to be safe by multiple acute, sub-chronic, and chronic toxicity studies.

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Clinical Efficacy

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial (105 men and women), daily consumption of 200 or 400 mg C2B-Flex significantly improved Total WOMAC scores in a dose-dependent fashion.

Continuous improvement in Total WOMAC scores was observed throughout the 90-day trial.

Secondary endpoints, WOMAC sub-scores for pain, stiffness, and physical functioning were similarly improved in a dose-dependent fashion for the duration of the trial. Corroborating these efficacy results, Visual Analog Scores (VAS) and Lequesne Functional Index (LFI) showed statistically significant improvement as well.

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Clinical Science
Clinical Science
Patent Pending
Patent Pending

Active/Sports Nutrition

Consumers are looking for new features in their active/sports nutrition products – features that can help them workout better. Inflammation from exercise has similarities to the type of inflammation that occurs with the aging process. FLEXIR can help!

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Runner Warming Up Before Running

Bone, Joint & Muscle Health

FLEXIR provides support for healthy bone structure, reduction in joint pain and stiffness, and improved physical functioning. Clinical research shows enhanced joint comfort in as little as 14 days – and an overall improvement of up to 33% versus placebo.

Healthy Aging

Today’s seniors travel more, play more and do more than ever. FLEXIR can help them get moving and keep moving.

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Close Up Of Woman Standing On Bathroom Scales At Home

Weight Management

Mobility and freedom from discomfort are critical to the kind of exercise we need to maintain a healthy weight. FLEXIR gives your customers more mobility and that means they can remain active.


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