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A traditional ingredient made better through modern science
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45th Parallel
Most PROMUNEL propolis is harvested along the 45th parallel to ensure consistency
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6 Polyphenols
PROMUNEL is standardized to 6 polyphenols with the most antibacterial activity
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300 Active Molecules
Propolis contains more than 300 active molecules
A Traditional Ingredient Made Better Through Modern Science

PROMUNEL Ultra Performance Propolis – the naturally-produced material that protects the hive and has been used for centuries for its health-supporting properties has been made relevant by combining it with 21st-century technology.

Quality, consistency, standardization, and efficacy along with social and environmental responsibility can become the basis for solid scientific messaging aimed at building trust with consumers.

Key Features
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  • Raw material selected and produced under strict protocols from a limited number of suppliers globally
  • Extracts are devoid of undesirable compounds and are
    standardized to a range of polyphenol content
  • Liquid & powder
  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • Dispersible in water
  • Easy to formulate in any delivery format
  • HACCP & ISO certified
  • Organic certified
  • Sustainably-produced
  • Supports bee-keeping industry and responsible bee-keeping husbandry
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, allergen-free

Since Ancient Times Man Has Been Using The Products Offered by Nature to Heal and Survive.

In a world where wild bees are disappearing, and beekeeping is their only hope of survival, PROMUNEL – through its selected beekeepers –  engages bees in a fair, win-win “contract” of mutual cooperation and convenience.

Since ancient times, we’ve been using man has been using the bounty of bees to heal and prosper.

Bee products, especially honey and propolis,  have found widespread use for centuries in traditional medicine. Egyptians used propolis to stop the decomposition of bodies during the mummification process. Greeks were the first to transform beekeeping into farming. Hippocrates prescribed propolis for various kinds of disorders, both internal and external. Romans were also fascinated by the world of bees. It was, in fact, Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History, who coined the name propolis: PRO=before + POLIS=town.

Now, B Naturals has applied modern science to create a form of this ancient remedy that ensures consistency, quality and ease of formulation.

Beekeeper working collect honey. Beekeeping concept

PROMUNEL is Clinically Studied


R-DBPC trial, N = 122 healthy adults with mild URTI

8 weeks of follow-up


PROMUNEL oral spray (15 mg/ml polyphenols) vs placebo

Dose: 2-4 sprays (12-24 mg of polyphenols), 3x a day TID for five days


After 3 days of treatment, 83% of subjects treated with propolis oral spray had remission of 43 symptoms, while 72% of subjects in the placebo group had at least one remaining symptom.

Healing from uncomplicated URTIs took place two days earlier, instead of taking place in five days as recorded in the control group.


Patented Processing Creates Standardized Starting Material

M.E.D.® stands for Dynamic Multi Extraction. M.E.D.® is a technology of extraction developed and patented by B Natural, in order to obtain the most of active principles and ensure our products are highly purified and with no un-interesting substances and no contaminants Polyphenols are a family of about 5000 molecules widely present in the plant world. Amongst Polyphenols, there are “sub-families” which differ from each other because of the number and characteristics of the phenolic units.

These structures have an influence on the chemical and physical properties amongst which solubility. The standard method of extraction of Polyphenols from Propolis involves the use of a single solvent. The result is a partial extraction. The dynamic multi extraction M.E.D.® uses various concentrations of solvent during the whole production process thus extracting Polyphenols with different solubility and especially flavonoids, phenolic acids, and glycosylated fractions.

The strength of our products is given by the richness and quality of bioactives.

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Standardization is Key to Efficacy & Ultra-Performance

Propolis contains more than 300 active molecules that act synergistically to support immune function. B Natural’s patented M.E.D. (Multi-Dynamic Extraction) process standardizes PROMUNEL to six marker polyphenols, preserving and optimizing the synergistic effect of the most important active constituents found in native propolis. The standardization of PROMUNEL’s bioactive constituents means that, unlike commodity propolis, its dose is consistent, and its health benefits are reproducible. No other propolis even comes close to this level of identification, consistency, and standardization of bioactives.

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How PROMUNEL Stands Out From Most Propolis
Inconsistent composition, quality, and adulteration plague the market 

“Both the season and region in which propolis is collected influence its chemical composition, resulting in variations in biological activity. Significant differences in composition and concentration of certain chemical compounds in propolis make standardization and quality control challenging. In addition, the lack of uniformity in evaluation methodology and analytical techniques, make it extremely difficult to correlate data across the climatic zones.”1

“To make a standardization and quality control of this product is very difficult, particularly if we take into account the quantification of the active substances.” 2

“Adulteration of propolis with poplar extract is a serious issue in the bee products market.” 3

“The genuine article is not easy to identify. Propolis can be more or less any colour from green to red… Bees have even been known to make fraudulent propolis themselves, sometimes exploiting window putty in place of plant buds.”4

1. J Apicultural Res. 2019;58(4): 604–16.
2. J Pharm Bioallied Sci. 2011 Oct-Dec; 3(4): 479–95.
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Clinical Science
Clinical Science

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