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Strengthera™ Muscle Maintenance + Vitality

Stay Stronger. Longer.
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28 Days
to improved muscle strength and endurance
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4.2X Greater Improvement
greater improvement in leg strength versus placebo
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4.5X Greater Improvement
greater improvement in grip strength versus placebo
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1.5X More Resistance
more resistance to fatigue

A Botanical Approach to Improving Muscle Health

Strengthera™ Muscle Maintenance+Vitality is a synergistic blend of extracts from two well-known botanicals from the Ayurvedic medicine tradition. The development of this complex involved screening hundreds of botanicals for their ability to promote strength, endurance, and physical function. It is the patented combination of these two extracts that gives Strengthera its efficacy.


A traditional Ayurvedic botanical, also known as East Indian Globe Thistle, the flower heads of this plant have been used for rejuvenation, physical performance, and longevity.


The mango tree was domesticated in India over 4,000 years ago. The bark of the tree has traditional uses reported across the regions where it grows.
Key Features

  • Clinically studied in men and women
  • 4 weeks to improved muscle strength and endurance
  • 4.2x greater improvement in leg strength
  • 4.5x greater improvement in grip strength
  • 50% improvement in resistance to fatigue
  • 90% improvement in walking capacity
  • 2.1x greater improvement in energy and vitality

*Based on clinical trials. See Resources Below

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Clinical Science
Clinical Science
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Healthy Aging

The Strengthera study was conducted on a 55-70 year-old population, who showed increased strength, endurance, and physical function, as well as improved energy, vitality, and quality of life.

Healthy Aging Couple
Healthy Couple Stretching

Bone Joint & Muscle Health

Muscle strength supports joint health, as strong muscles play the critical role of providing stability and support to the joints, helping to keep them in proper alignment.

Active Couple Yoga

Active/Sports Nutrition

Strengthera was demonstrated to improve walking capacity and physical function – both of which contribute to an active lifestyle.

Women's Health

Strengthera is one of the only muscle health ingredients that has been clinically studied in healthy women (as well as men) As a standalone or in combination with other ingredients, this makes it ideal for women’s health products for any age demographic.



A 12-week double blind placebo-controlled study was conducted on 92 healthy men and women ages 55-70 years (mean age 60 years). Subjects received either 650 mg Strengthera  or a placebo daily for 12 weeks. Subjects performed a prescribed resistance band home exercise program 3 times per week. Measurements were conducted at baseline, 4, 8, and 12 weeks.

Improvement  in Muscle Strength

Strengthera improved lower body strength vs baseline and placebo at the earliest timepoint assessed – 4 weeks. By 12 weeks, this represented an 4.2x improvement in lower body strength over placebo.



Improvement  in Grip Strength

Strengthera improved grip strength versus baseline and placebo at the earliest timepoint assessed: 4 weeks. By 12 weeks, subjects in the Strengthera group improved their grip strength 4.5x more than those doing the same exercises and taking placebo (1.9 kg  vs. 0.42 kg).


Improvement in Muscle Endurance

Assessed as 1RM repetitions to failure, Strengthera improved muscle endurance/active capacity versus baseline and placebo at the earliest timepoint assessed of 4 weeks. By 12 weeks, this represented a 50% improvement in active capacity over  subjects doing the same exercises and taking placebo.




Improvement  in Walking Capacity

Walking Capacity, measured as distance or speed, was tested via a 6-minute walk test. Strengthera improved walking capacity versus baseline at 4 weeks. By 12 weeks, the improvement was statistically significant versus placebo. This represented a 1.9x improvement in walking capacity over the placebo. A 25.64 m distance improvement was observed for Strenthera subjects versus a 13.78 m improvement for the placebo group. A 4.27 m/min speed improvement was seen in Strengthera subjects versus a 2.3 m/min improvement in the placebo group.



Improvement in lean mass

The Strengthera group increased their total lean mass relative to baseline. While the actual values were not statistically significant between groups, the analysis of change scores showed statistically a significant difference versus placebo in the amount of lean mass gained over 12 weeks.



† Statistically significant difference vs. baseline values

^Statistically significant difference vs. placebo

Origin Story

An intensive search of traditional botanical medicine

The development of Strengthera Muscle Maintenance+Vitality started with an understanding of the potential for traditional Ayurvedic medicine to enhance muscle health, strength, endurance and physical function.

A program of research screened many botanicals for optimal performance in muscle strength, endurance and growth promotion. This work led to a series of pre-clinical trials to understand the unique multiple mechanisms of action through which Strengthera affected the human body. Sphaeranthus indicus is an aromatic herb distributed widely throughout India, with a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. Mangifera indica is native to the Indian subcontinent. It has been cultivated in India for as long as 4,000 to 6000 years. With this preclinical evidence in hand, a series of human clinical trials was developed and performed, with exciting results. Strengthera is now the subject of multiple human clinical trials completed in populations that were young and old, trained and untrained.



“Grip strength is not only considered an accurate indicator of vitality and overall muscle strength, but also a biomarker of longevity and a strong predictor of future health.”
Jennifer Murphy Director of Innovation & Clinical Development for PLT

PLT Mobility Solutions

At PLT, we are working on the concept of Mobility Solutions – making these solutions available for people of all ages and walks of life.  We’re thinking about athletes who want to perform better and recover faster. We’re thinking about people who have physically demanding jobs who don’t want to or can’t take a day off from work. We’re thinking about anyone who has an active lifestyle who wants to embrace it despite the rigors. And yes, we’re thinking about the global aging population.

PLT Health Solutions’ leading portfolio of mobility support ingredients – based on more than a decade of ongoing research – has been developed to help you deliver innovative products that can capture the attention and the trust of consumers. All our ingredients are backed by multiple clinical studies – and offer rapid improvements from a low dose – in just about any delivery system you can imagine.



Muscle Health is a Key to a Better Quality of Life as We Age

Strengthera Muscle Maintenance+Vitality can help people stay active and independent.