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Weight Loss & Body Fat Reduction
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600 mg
Xanthigen works with a low daily dose.
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14.2 LBS lost
Xanthigen helped study participants lose significant weight in a 6-week study.
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Xanthigen is the top-selling weight management ingredient in Korea – and has been for years.
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151 Subjects
Xanthigen’s most recent study featured a large number of subjects.

Botanical synergy for weight loss.

Xanthigen is a proprietary patented combination of brown seaweed extract (BSE) standardized to ≥ 0.425% fucoxanthin (FX) content and pomegranate seed oil (PSO) extract rich in punicic acid (≥70%, PA). Separately, the bioactive compounds in these two ingredients target pathways involved in body weight regulation including adipocyte differentiation, resting energy expenditure and lipid metabolism. Combined they offer body weight loss, body fat reduction, a decreased waist circumference and an improved blood lipid profile.

Key Features

  • #1 weight loss ingredient in Korea
  • Peer-reviewed, published, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial
  • Subjects lost an average of 14.2 pounds (6.6 kg) over sixteen weeks
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Weight Management

Xanthigen supports healthy body weight through the synergistic effects of the natural compounds found in Brown Seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) and Pomegranate Seed Oil. It has a dual mode of function – affecting both energy expenditures and fat reserves.


Science Designed to Communicate

Xanthigen is supported by clinical and pre-clinical research that shows efficacy in human subjects and provides an understanding of how Xanthigen works.

  • Peer-reviewed, published, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial
  • Study subjects consumed a controlled, calorie-reduced diet for 16 weeks along with either 600 mg Xanthigen or a placebo.  Participants using Xanthigen daily lost an average of 14.2 pounds (6.6 kg) over sixteen weeks. Significant differences in weight loss vs. placebo began at 6 weeks.
  • Xanthigen supplementation also resulted in significant body composition improvements including reduced body and liver fat.  Though not achieving statistical significance, those in the Xanthigen group lost 4.16 cm (1.6 in) in hip circumference.
  • Significant improvements in blood lipids, liver enzymes, and blood pressure demonstrate better overall health in subjects consuming Xanthigen.

Developing messaging within a regulatory environment

An EU-based consumer products company was interested in featuring Xanthigen in a cutting-edge weight management product launch. PLT worked with this company to develop a regulatory dossier on this ingredient. We helped them craft their claims and marketing messages combining knowledge of a clinical trial and understanding pending EU claims related to Xanthigen components. The ingredient launched to excellent sales in France and on Amazon in late 2017.

Pathways to Weight Management

Energy metabolism is regulated by many pathways.  This redundancy was an important mechanism that helped the body conserve energy during times of less plentiful food supply (think the time of cave men when food availability was uncertain). Today, with calories being abundant, this ancient preservation mechanism is not needed, but is built into our biology.  So, excess calories are stored as fat. It is important to consider this when developing weight management ingredients and target multiple pathways to promote effective weight loss.

Separately, the bioactive compounds in Xanthigen target pathways involved in body weight regulation including adipocyte differentiation, resting energy expenditure and lipid metabolism. Combined in Xanthigen they support weight loss as demonstrated in our clinical trial.

Helping to Develop a Regulatory Portfolio.

A South Korea-based contract manufacturer wanted to develop Xanthigen for sales into Korea and potentially other Asian markets. Even though Xanthigen had safety studies and a human clinical trial, to achieve registration of this ingredient in Korea, the company needed additional research to meet the rigorous regulatory requirements, PLT’s Medical & Scientific Affairs team worked with Korean partners to design the necessary trials to complete the registration package. Today, this company has 21 different Xanthigen SKUs in Korea where it is the top selling weight management ingredient.



Exclusively manufactured by Nektium, Spain.


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