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Zynamite® PX

Improves peak power output, while reducing lactate build-up and speeding recovery from long, intense workouts
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2 Clinical Trials
Zynamite PX is backed by new science that supports unique benefits.
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420 mg
Zynamite PX helps people who exercise with a single small dose.
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Zynamite PX improves Peak Power after just one dose – in one hour!
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5 Industry Awards
Zynamite has won 5 international ‘best-in-class’ ingredient awards since it was introduced in 2018.
Key Features

  • Multiple clinical trials
  • Patent-pending
  • Experiential & fast-acting
  • Enhanced peak power
  • Reduced blood lactate levels
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Clean label
  • Certified drug free
  • Safe, side-effect free
  • Self-affirmed GRAS
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Zynamite PX offers unique benefits to active/sports formulations you may not find with other ingredients. The science is on both men and women – and the fast-acting boost to peak power in just one hour offers you the ability to ‘move the needle’ with your product.

Research that builds trust with consumers.

In 2018, a double-blind cross-over clinical study was conducted to determine whether a single dose 420 mg of Zynamite PX administered one hour before exercise would increase repeated-sprint performance. Subjects performed three Wingate tests interspaced by 4 minutes and a final 15 second sprint after ischemia. Peak power was improved by 3.8% versus placebo in subjects using Zynamite PX. One interesting result was that the quercetin dose was about 25-50% lower than that associated with quercetin ergogenic effects in previous studies, suggesting that this combination may have synergistic effects.

Zynamite PX improves peak power

Peak power is an important measure of physical performance.

Power is the rate of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) used over a single or multiple maximal effort against a submaximal load. Peak power is the greatest output or production of work over a given amount of time. Power accounts for a combination of strength, velocity, force and neuromuscular adaptations.

Power tests help create an athletic profile and can also be used as indices of fitness or performance adaptation over time. Power is especially important since tests that focus on raw strength or speed do not account for the neuromuscular and energy transfer properties captured by power tests. Power tests are important for sports that require explosive energy such as sprinting, weightlifting, football, soccer, basketball, tennis and other sports.

Support for exercise recovery.

In a second clinical study on Zynamite PX, 48 subjects ran a 5K race to randomly assign them to two treatment groups, matched by sex and 5K performance. Two weeks later, they participated in a 10K race followed by 100 drop jumps (59 cm height) to elicit exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD).

Results of the study suggest that a single 420 mg dose of Zynamite PX combined, taken one hour before competition, followed by three additional doses every eight hours, attenuated the pain elicited by competitive exercise and accelerated the recovery of muscle performance.

zynamite px accelerates recovery

A unique set of benefits.

Clinical studies with Zynamite PX point to intriguing benefits and offer you the ability to create compelling messaging for your customers. Unlike many active/sports ingredients, Zynamite PX has been studied on both men and woman – giving confidence to your female customers. It offers a low 420 mg dose – compared to many ‘power’ ingredients that suggest doses ranging from 600 mg to 4 mg! Studies with Zynamite PX point to ‘same day’ benefits – whereas most ingredients were studied in situations where weeks of training were required to see the benefits.



Exclusively manufactured by Nektium, Spain.

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Help your customers push past their boundaries.

Clinically-studied Zynamite PX has been shown to improve peak power output, while reducing lactate build-up and speeding recovery from long, intense workouts – places where your customers need help the most.