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Rhodiolife® Rhodiola rosea

Help Your Customers Find Balance

More than ever, people are tuning into mental and physical well-being as we navigate a ‘new normal’. Today, adaptogens are an increasingly sought after class of ingredient. Rhodiolife Rhodiola rosea is a true adaptogen with clinical science and a great origin story.

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3 Published Studies
Rhodiolife is backed by science that supports its benefits.
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Fingerprint Matters
Only Rhodiolife’s unique “fingerprint” composition consistently provides the spectrum of compounds found in the root of the plant
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Cultivated Raw Materials
Rhodiolife is now sourced from both wildcrafted and cultivated raw materials.
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3rd Party Verified
Rhodiolife is the world’s first Rhodiola rosea third-party verified for ingredient identity and sustainable sourcing.

Identity & Quality You Can Trust

Rhodiolife is a standardized extract of Rhodiola rosea. Only Rhodiolife’s unique “fingerprint” composition consistently provides the spectrum of compounds found in the root of the plant that are responsible for its biological activity – including rosavin, rosarin, rosin and salidroside. With Rhodiolife, not only is the percentage of the primary actives the same as the root, but so is the ratio of actives. This is not the case with many other Rhodiola rosea ingredients on the market.

Key Features
Rhodiolife-Key Features

Reaching New Heights in Rhodiola Quality & Sustainability
  • Consistent, standardized extracts
  • Cultivation program in place
  • Sustainable, socially responsible
  • Full ID Assessment and Traceability
  • Sourced from Altai Mountains
  • Secure supply
  • 3 published clinical studies
  • Self-Affirmed GRAS
  • Water-Soluble
PLT and Nektium's Partnership at Work

PLT works with some of the most innovative, socially-committed companies in the world in bringing our solutions for health & wellness to market. Nektium from Canary Islands is a unique company with a fascinating story to tell your customers.

Good For
Ingredient Solutions
Active Nutrition
Cognitive and Mood Support
Immune Health
Stick Packs


Clinical Science
Clinical Science

Active/Sports Nutrition

Rhodiolife supports sustained energy and promotes faster recovery. Studies suggest that Rhodiola rosea can reduce the effects of prolonged and minor physical exhaustion that results in fatigue.

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Studies have shown that Rhodiola rosea can impact anxiety, stress, cognition and other mood symptoms.

Immune Health

Rhodiolife supports healthy biological responses necessary for healthy immune, cardiopulmonary and endocrine systems.

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Rhodiola rosea is an extremely hardy plant well suited to the cold climate and high altitudes where it grows and is now farmed. It is a perennial flowering plant that grows naturally in wild Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America .The plants used to make Rhodiolife grow in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia. The Altai Mountains derive their name from the Mongolian word ‘altan’, meaning ‘golden,’ which may be why Rhodiola rosea is often referred to as the ‘Golden Root’.

Rhodiola rosea has a tradition of use to promote well-being that dates back centuries. It was prized for its medicinal properties by the Ancient Greeks and used by the Vikings to enhance strength and endurance. Its first recorded medicinal use was by Dioscordes in De Materia Medica in 77 AD. During the Middle Ages, Chinese emperors funded expeditions to find the ‘Golden Root’. The name “rhodiola rosea” was coined by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1725. Rhodiola was included in the first Swedish pharmacopeia in 1775.


Rhodiola is a true adaptogen. Originally coined by Dr. Nikolai Lazarev in 1969, the term “adaptogen” refers to a substance that increases non-specific resistance to stimuli potentially harmful to the organism and stress. Brekham later defined the pharmacodynamic conditions any compound had to meet to be considered adaptogenic: a) low to negligible toxicity, b) non-specific mode of action yielding a broad-spectrum resistance, c) normalizing effect on various organs and systems, and d) the intensity of the effect follows that of the insult. Traditional use of Rhodiola rosea and currently available scientific data on its use and mechanisms of actions support the adaptogenic properties of the plant (Kelly, 2001).

Plant biochemist Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, who was a founding partner of Nektium Pharma, was one of the first to bring Rhodiola rosea to the attention of the English-speaking world and promoted it through his extensive research on its health benefits, starting as early as 1979. In connection with his Spanish co-founder, Dr. Miguel Jiménez del Río, they introduced R. rosea to the supplement industry. Launched 25 years ago, the Rhodiolife brand has earned a reputation as a high-quality and effective adaptogenic botanical extract.


The Move to Cultivation

Rhodiolife is the subject of one of the industry’s first commercial scale cultivated programs for Rhodiola  rosea roots as source materials for its extracts. The result of more than a decade of effort, the project has achieved a physical and phytochemical profile identical to previously supplied wildcrafted material. This cultivation program will address concerns that crop up with all wildcrafted botanicals from time to time, including harvest size, security of supply, the phytochemical composition of wild-harvested materials and sustainability.


The new cultivated material is grown not by seeds but by vegetative propagation with root rhizomes – a technique that is faster, more dependable and, crucially, ensures that the molecular composition of the cultivated Rhodiola rosea is identical to the wild-grown plant. Nektium has put into place a Quality Assurance system that monitors Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACPs) governing rules of production, harvesting, storage, and record keeping. These are accompanied by training programs and traceability and recall plans. Manually harvested, the Rhodiola roots are transported to Nektium’s facilities in the Canary Islands for further processing.

The Nektium ID Assessment Program

Nektium’s Quality Assurance team conducts multiple identity tests on every batch of Rhodiolife, including macroscopic and sensorial analysis, the development of chromatographic profiles and independent DNA barcode analysis to ensure the authenticity of the raw material. A gentle extraction process is used to unlock the active ingredients while preserving the natural phytochemical profile of the root. The material is then standardized to provide precise levels of bioactive compounds. The resulting HPLC ‘fingerprint’ of the Rhodiolife extract is consistent from batch to batch and matches with that of the native root.

This approach offers greater peace of mind around authenticity, which is especially important when adulteration is suspected. Recently, the American Botanical Council’s Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program suggested that high demand for Rhodiola rosea led to it being mixed or interchanged with other Rhodiola species before being exported from Asia.

Water-Solubility for Beverages and More

Rhodiolife is available in a water-soluble form. Studies with Rhodiolife and beverage formulations show that it meets industry standards for performance in processing and that color, flavor and the bioactives content are shelf-stable. This means you can deliver the benefits of Rhodiolife in beverages and other challenging delivery systems. The real innovation of this new water-soluble Rhodiolife is that it allows a premium Rhodiola rosea – containing the rosavins and salidroside found in the actual plant root – to be formulated into beverage systems easily and consistently. This will allow faster and more cost-effective product development and ultimately a better consumer experience.

First Certified Sports Grade on U.S. Market

In July 2019, PLT announced the availability of third-party BSCG Certified Drug Free® Rhodiolife. It was the first sports certified Rhodiola on the market. PLT manufacturing partner Nektium Pharma has established an on-going program with the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to test and certify materials sold as Sports Grade. The testing program covers 496 drugs in total, including 272 drugs that are banned by a broad range of sports organizations. This sports certified grade is critical in sports nutrition products.

Exclusively manufactured by Nektium, Spain.

“The global demand for Rhodiola rosea has rapidly increased, which has led to shortages
of authentic material. Most harvesting comes from alpine regions and forests, where supplies can be depleted quickly without replanting and sustainability efforts. “I applaud PLT Health Solutions for taking the initiative to develop a sustainable supply by building relationships with rural co-ops in the Altai Mountains.”
Trish Flaster CEO & Founder of Botanical Liaisons
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Rhodiolife is the highest quality, most traceable, sustainable Rhodiola rosea on the market today. Get in touch to give them the best.