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zümXR® Targeted Release Caffeine

A new targeted release caffeine your customers will rave about.

Custom Design Their Energy Experience

zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine is a new form of modified release caffeine developed for food, beverage and supplement products. All zümXR ingredients feature a state-of-the-art delivery system technology drawn from the pharmaceutical industry that represents a significant step forward from conventional caffeine coating technologies.

With zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine ingredients, you can create unlimited types of energy profiles – by combining immediate release, delayed release and extended release ingredients. These energy profiles can be targeted to specific product types – the morning pick me up, the pre-workout formula or the all-night study aid – allowing you to target consumers with a differentiated product that meets their need.

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Ingredient Solutions
Active Nutrition
Cognitive and Mood Support
Weight Management
Stick Packs

Active Nutrition

Caffeine is a ‘go to’ ingredient in most of today’s pre-workout products. zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine takes energy to the next level – a level where you can custom design the experience your customers will have – and deliver it with confidence.


zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine can be a ‘high tech’ version of the morning cup of coffee – delivering benefits when they’re needed and across hours of the day.

Weight Management

Caffeine is a part of many of today’s top-selling weight management products – for both its thermogenic and appetite suppressant activity. zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine can deliver the benefits of caffeine over a longer time frame and without the plasma spikes associated with immediate release caffeine.

Product Image
Product Image

zümXR Extended Release Caffeine

zümXR Extended Release Caffeine is designed to provide long-term energy without the ‘crash’ associated with many caffeine products. In its specification, it delivers not more than 55% of the total caffeine at 1 hour and not less than 80% at 6 hours.

• 1 Hour: Not more than 55%
• 6 Hours: Not less than 80%

• Ethylcellulose Dispersion (GRAS)
• Semi-permeable membrane
• Uniform release independent of pH

• All Day energy
• Long lasting sports (endurance)
• Long study sessions
• Workplace
• Combination energy products

Coffee Field

zümXR Delayed Release Caffeine

zümXR Delayed Release Caffeine delivers not more than 25% at 1 hour and over 80% at 2 hours – for a surge of caffeine at a fixed time interval.

• 1 Hour: Not more than 25%
• 2 Hours: Not less than 80%

• Natural Bioadhesive Polymer (GRAS)
• pH-dependent release

• Combination energy products – blend w/ traditional caffeine
• Pre-workout
• Intra-workout
• Endurance activities (2+ hours)


First ever clinical study on extended release caffeine

To understand the efficacy of the zümXR technology, a pharmacokinetic study (PK) with human participants was developed. In a randomized, double-blind, two-way crossover pharmacokinetic study, with immediate release (anhydrous caffeine) and

zümXR Extended Release Caffeine, PK parameters were evaluated.

The primary objective was to compare plasma levels of caffeine between groups after providing participants with equal amounts of caffeine (250 mg). Secondary objectives were to

characterize the relative absorption and PK characteristics and to assess the safety profile (vital signs – blood pressure and heart rate) of the Immediate Release Caffeine (IRC) and Extended Release (ERC) forms of caffeine.

Results from this study depict a dramatic increase in caffeine half-life of the zümXR Extended Release Caffeine compared to unencapsulated, immediate release (IR) caffeine.

The zümXR Consumer Study

A recent survey of men who regularly use pre-workout supplement products revealed an exciting fact: targeted release energy – at a relatively small incremental cost – is one of the most effective things you can add to your sports nutrition product to have a dramatic impact on perceived value and purchase preference. The survey was conducted by a well-known third-party consumer market research company – of 161 men from ages 20-40 who regularly use pre-workout products. They were asked about their workout habits and about their caffeine/energy pain points and preferences. Consumers definitely want longer lasting energy from their pre-workout products. The survey showed that more people chose the targeted release caffeine pre-workout product – and were 2.5 times more likely to choose it than the product they currently use. That willingness to switch shows an opportunity for you to gain – or defend – market share.

What makes zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine Technology Different?

Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that has an objectionable taste. Initial technologies created to ‘coat’ caffeine – lipids, waxes and water-soluble resins, focused on masking flavor – and were later adapted to modified release applications. Beyond these, other early modified release caffeine solutions were accomplished using tableting technology rather than functional coatings, which eliminated the potential as an ingredient in powders and beverages. In addition, most lipid or waxed based products are not heat stable.


Redefine Your Energy Products with PLT

PLT Health Solutions has a growing portfolio of energy ingredients – both traditional and ‘non-stim’. We can help you with either of these approaches – or to combine them in intriguing, differentiated formulations.