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Next-Gen Support for Brain & Body
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10 Clinical Trials
Zynamite has an active and on-going clinical science program.
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1 Hour
Zynamite-containing formulations have been proven to be experiential in clinical studies
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19.4% Improved Peak Power
Subjects using a formulation containing Zynamite saw a dramatic increase in peak power in a simulated exhaustion environment.
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Clinically studied dose for improved mental performance

Expand What’s Possible.

Zynamite is a patent-pending proprietary Mangifera indica extract standardized to ≥ 60% mangiferin developed from sustainably harvested mango leaves. A patent-pending, self-GRAS ingredient, it has a portfolio of safety data and has been the subject of 3 pre-clinical and 6 clinical studies. The primary areas of application are in cognitive health products where it provides mental energy, and in active/sports nutrition products where it has been demonstrated to improve both peak power output and mean power output in fatigued and exhausted subjects.


Water-Solubility Expands Your Delivery Options

Zynamite S is a new water-soluble grade of Zynamite to meet growing demand for innovative energy, sports, hydration and hybrid drinks. It is designed for use in applications such as RTDs and shots where solubility, heat stability and transparency in solution are key. Featuring a neutral taste, Zynamite S expands your opportunity to deliver this exciting ingredient.

Key Features
  • 10 clinical studies
  • 6 global industry awards
  • Non-stimulant activity
  • Fast-acting & experiential
  • Enhanced mental energy
  • Improved workouts & recovery
  • Targets both brain & body
  • Natural, clean label
  • Exciting consumer messaging
  • Safe, side-effect free
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Active/Sports Nutrition

Zynamite supports both the mental and physical aspects of sports performance. Clinical studies of formulations containing Zynamite suggest that it improves both peak power output and mean power output and can also reduce soreness and speed recovery from heavy, intense workouts. It has also been shown to improve athletic performance and promote easier exercise.

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Zynamite is an ingredient that enhances mental energy. Clinical studies of formulations containing Zynamite point to rapid onset of enhanced brain electrical activity, with statistically significant calculation performance, accuracy of performance, accuracy of attention and episodic memory.


Support for Brain & Body

Zynamite-containing formulas have been studied in 10 clinical trials in both cognitive and physical performance settings.

Zynamite is described as a ‘non-stim’ ingredient. A clinical study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that while Zynamite and its combination with other ingredients, e.g., tigernut (chufa) had caffeine-like effects on performance of cognitively challenging tasks, it did not produce any changes in blood pressure, pulse, heart rate variability, or skin galvanic response, which are all well-documented with the higher amounts of caffeine required to produce significant cognitive effects.




In several of the sports studies conducted, cycle ergometer sprints were performed, during which peak and mean power output were analyzed.  In a fatigue study, peak power was increased by 12.5% using Zynamite. In subjects experiencing simulated exhaustion, peak power was increased by 19.4%. Results were statistically significant between active and placebo groups.

Improvements in Cognitive Performance

A 2020 DBPLC human clinical trial examined the effectiveness of Zynamite on improving various measures of cognitive performance. Statistically significant improvements were seen in accuracy of performance, accuracy of attention and episodic memory.



Improved Physical Performance

A number of clinical studies have shown improved active/sports performance with Zynamite-containing formulations – particularly those featuring combinations of Zynamite with quercetin – which is marked in North America as Zynamite PX.

19.4% Higher Peak Power in Simulated Exhaustion

More Power When Fatigued or Exhausted

Sports Recovery

Accelerated recovery of Muscle Performance

A global search for performance

In creating Zynamite, PLT partner Nektium Pharma began a global search for a functional food ingredient that could positively affect both human cognitive function and sports performance in 2015. This search involved reviews of the international ethnobotanical literature, traditional plants used in Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nektium’s own ethnobotanical research, including traditional uses of European medicinal and food plants. Over 150 botanical candidates were examined and a wide number of tests were conducted to understand performance enhancement.

The flavone mangiferin was found to be a prominent compound in a number of the original fifty candidate plants, including in the leaves of the domestic mango, Mangifera indica, and in plants belonging to the genera Hypericum, Salacia, Cyclopia, and Canscora. Mango leaves contain approximately 2-5% mangiferin by dry weight, are available sustainably from cultivated mango trees. The leaves have a long history of safe use as teas used as a tonic, for fatigue and are eaten as a vegetable or salad. The research team at Nektium developed an extract of Mangifera indica leaves standardized to the content of mangiferin – produced at Nektium’s cGMP facilities. This extract was trademarked Zynamite.

Non-stim performance for an over-caffeinated world.

Many mental energy and sports performance ingredients that promote performance in fatigued or exhausted conditions utilize caffeine. Unfortunately, a number of people cannot or do not want to use caffeine because of tolerance or the widely known ‘jitters’ and ‘crash’ associated with this ingredient. Zynamite provides enhanced mental energy and improved performance under fatigued conditions without the stimulant characteristics of caffeine. From a physiological standpoint, it means that when ingested, Zynamite does not increase either the heart rate or blood pressure of test subjects

Power to do more, do it faster, and do it better.

Power is the rate of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) used over a single or multiple maximal efforts against a submaximal load. Peak power is the greatest output or production of work over a given amount of time. Power accounts for a combination of strength, velocity, force, and neuromuscular adaptations. Power tests help create an athletic profile and can also be used as an index of fitness or performance adaptation. Power is especially important since tests that focus on raw strength or speed do not account for the neuromuscular and energy transfer properties captured by power tests. Power tests are important for sports that require explosive energy such as sprinting, weightlifting, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and other sports.


Exclusively manufactured by Nektium, Spain.


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