A Global Network of Strategic Partners Drives Innovative Solutions

An important part of our ability to serve our customers is our network of global strategic partnerships – where we work with some of the world’s most innovative people, bringing them and their companies to market via proprietary ingredient brands with the type of support services that are required by leading consumer products companies that insist on world-class quality and solid scientific support.

COPALIS is a global supplier of marine based natural ingredients to the nutraceutical, functional food, animal nutrition, and cosmetic markets.  Located in the 1st European center for the transformation, commercialization and distribution of seafood products, COPALIS is at the heart of the marine resource; being a cooperative also allows the company to control the raw material sourcing and traceability.
DolCas Biotech was founded on two guiding principles: research and innovation. The DolCas mission is to introduce branded ingredients that greatly improve customers’ health and quality of life. DolCas leverages industry knowledge and technologies to develop and patent unique products and to provide scientifically and clinically supported products that consumers demand.
Flavor Solutions Inc. is a custom development company that combines the art and science of flavor technology with texture technologies to provide innovative, signature food products and beverages. FSI has served the world’s most prominent producers of prepared foods and beverages and leaders in the culinary, food service and nutraceutical industries with creative flavor and texture development. Many of the most widely recognized consumer brands have benefited from FSI expertise.
Based in Spain, Genosa is a scientific and biotechnology research and development company specialized in the identification, characterization, production, application, and commercialization of compounds beneficial to health coming from olive fruit.
Based in South Africa, HG&H is an innovative pharmaceutical and natural ingredients company that focuses on the discovery, research & development of evidence-based natural medicines and dietary ingredients for common mental health and wellness conditions.
HITEX, a subsidiary of Lavipharm based in France, focuses on high tech and clean extraction technology that answers to the growing demand of safe, innovative, environmental, no impact products.
Based in France, Inoreal is a firm created in 2006 which helps nutrition and health manufacturers to be at the cutting edge of innovation by providing new ingredients with demonstrated efficacy.
ISOCELL is one of the top laboratories in aging research particularly in the domain of oxidative stress. ISOCELL has several international patents (Europe, USA, Japan) for aging research for innovative products that support the immune system and protect the body against external aggressions and aging at the cellular level.
Kerry Group today is a world leader in Taste & Nutrition serving the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and a leading consumer foods processing and marketing organization in selected EU markets. The Kerry organization has grown to become a highly successful public company, having achieved sustained profitable growth.
Laila Nutra is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of herbal extracts and phytochemicals. Laila Nutra provides herbal ingredients by combining the knowledge of ancient Ayurveda medicine with modern techniques.
Nektium is a Spanish company devoted to the identification, development, and production of high quality active ingredients Nature has to offer. Serving to Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical industries, Nektium produces standardized extracts and novel, patented ingredients which contribute to maintaining health and improving the quality of life through nutrition.
Oakshire Naturals, LP is the natural products division of Oakshire, known as an award winning innovator and patent holder in the mushroom industry for 100% Vitamin D mushrooms. The Oakshire Family has been a premium grower of specialty mushrooms since 1985 with the highest quality and freshest mushrooms in the industry.
Plant Lipids is one of the largest producers of spice oils and extracts in the world. Based in India, Plant Lipids manufactures and exports essential oils, spice oleoresins, natural food colours, whole and ground sterilized spices to over 70 countries worldwide.
Based in California, Polyphenolics is a reliable source of grape seed and grape skin extracts that are of premium-quality. Their strong science and portfolio of patented intellectual property gives manufacturers a competitive edge over products formulated with commodity grape extracts or unproved anti-oxidants.
Robertet Group focuses on three businesses: natural raw materials, perfume compositions, and food flavorings. Its success is global, reflected in its active presence across more than 50 countries in the world's main business regions. Robertet ranks as a world leader in natural ingredients, capitalizing on expertise gained from years of experience and a continuous drive to innovate.
Soho Flordis International (SFI) was established in 2010 following a long collaboration between Flordis Pty Ltd and SOHO Group. SFI is an international provider of clinically proven natural medicines. An Australian registered company, SFI is committed to ensuring that people globally have access to the best natural medicines supported by clinical studies performed on the exact finished product.